Daily Archives: December 30, 2011

Red, Red…eye

I am writing this following another first. At least I believe it to be a first. I put an eye-drop in my own eye (which has been mysteriously red for 7 days). What the bottle fails to tell you is that it seems less intimidating to hold it kind of level, but the drop rolls down the bottle and onto your fingers. It is really intimidating to put a bottle near your eye at my age (having not done it before). Contact wearers, I salute you and respect you immensely.

It’s that time of year…when you start looking at January 1st as its traditional “new beginnings”. Did I make resolutions last year? Did I keep any? 2011 went really fast…and I’ll give you a stats overview…

1. I knitted my first, second, third, fourth, and fifth pair of socks. Not including some wretched attempts before this year (which were made with worsted weight yarn and a whole lot of guessing about technique)

Pair #4

2. I ran my first 5K race, plus a whole lot of miles in preparation.

I'm the spec waving to you...after the first 200 yards or so of the race.

3. I drank approximately 70 gallons of coffee (assuming I had at least 24 oz. per day). There were days I didn’t have that much, there were days I had much more. Some might be ashamed of that number, perhaps even puzzled as to why I have included it here. It’s a stat I was able to figure out fairly easily…so here it is. 🙂

4. I taught approximately 180 days in 2011 (this number could be verified by me going through and counting…but I am not doing that). I’ve taught about 270 days total now. Which sounds a lot more experienced than 1.5 years :)…or something.

5. I had 4 concerts of my own in 2011 and attended a handful more.

6. I continued to visit a number of churches, but selected ONE which is happily planting another one in Indianola on Easter!

7. I got certified in Kodaly (level 1) and continue to find the lessons learned to be helpful in planning and instructing young minds in music.

8. I lived in 2 different addresses, moving to the current one in August. Now I happily walk to and from work and the grocery store from my abode. I suppose my happiness is dependent on the afternoon weather (compared to the morning).

9. I went to Mpls 4 times to see KJ. She came to Iowa a few times, too 🙂

My mind for stats is exhausted at the moment. Maybe I’ll think of some more later. 🙂