New year, new focus

Part of me wants to buck the tradition of starting fresh, reflecting, and reorganizing. I mean, we get a first day of the month every 30 days or so, and my focus is not necessarily recentered or refreshed at that time more than any other day. So, what does January 1st offer that the other months do  not? And yet, I am reflective, refreshed, and aiming for purposeful living.

I’ve been home in Indianola from break for a few hours and have managed to unpack about half of what I brought home and re-do my furniture layout. My dresser and closet remained untouched, but I moved a couple shelves around and added a chair to my room. My hope is to do some of my morning quiet time (well, all of it) in my room. It may or maynot be longlived, as the chair is a bit hulking sitting in front of a closet and a window (leftover from those dorm days!!), and it’s a trek away from the coffee maker, but I’m going to try it.

On the reflective front, I have been reading through my old journals. I don’t know if it was age or being a teacher that made me realize that I don’t have much figured out, but as I read through entries from college, post-college, and post-YMT, I can stand back and thank God for His work in growing me through some ugly duckling phases when I thought I had things figured out. There are undoubtedly more to come, as sin is pesky and recurring, but I can thank Him for his faithfulness in leading and guiding…even when I wasn’t really looking to be guided or led.

Maybe the fresh new start to the new year is catchy for a reason. I find myself more excited at the prospect of organization and discipline and betterment. Three words from Troy’s sermon at Cornerstone this past weekend are on my mind (and in my journaling) for the new year: Submitted, Steward, and Servant. I hope those words begin to describe more fittingly the woman I am over the course of a year.

School tomorrow…grades for report cards, seating charts, lesson plans, and a BIG project to conclude 1.5 years of mentoring class (woo hoo to being 3/4 through my probational teaching license…which is to say, the conditional license granted to beginning teachers until they complete requirements like this class). Kids on Wednesday.

Happy New Year!


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