Daily Archives: January 4, 2012


I know why everyone gets all reflective and inspired on January 1st. Because it’s a holiday that you (generally speaking) don’t work. I got to work today and realized that getting myself on the right track, out from under a mound of responsibility, will require more than a Teacher Workday could ever hope to provide. That’s my fault, granted. I chose not to work over break or take care of tedious things like entering Report Card grades before break. But man. I look at the next three days and wonder how it’ll all happen. Come to think of it, Thursday looks a little brighter than Wednesday because I’ll have a set of lesson plans to recycle by then.

I’ve been wrestling with report card stuff since finishing dinner (with occasional breaks for answering emails, playing guitar, refilling my glass with water, a bit of facebook and pinterest too)…expressing the skills tackled and assessed is hard enough for 6 grade levels plus chorus, but customizing the given grades with some explanation (so and so sang below pitch on the assessment, sonny is giving me attitude daily, little miss has come SO far this quarter!) in a clear and positive way…though it’s just four times a year, I feel like my entire profession is actually just research for a great writing project. NOT fiction, of course. I strive to be true and evidence based in grading, as any sane teacher would. Hopefully sane, anyway. I suppose I can’t diagnose myself. 🙂

Today was a day of great hydration. I wonder if I should quick re-write my 2012 goals to include drinking plenty of water and tea on January 3rd. It’s bound to slow down when my bathroom breaks are fewer, but seriously. I had 2 cups of coffee before work, 2 giant mugs of tea, a giant mug of coffee (well, half of it…it’s old coffee) at school, half a nalgene of water, water at lunch, another giant cuppa tea, and several glasses of water this afternoon/evening. If only that hydration would go straight to my eye, which is going to need looking at, I’m afraid, as school only irritated it further. It will have to happen after I look into my insurance coverage (urgent care? regular appointment?) for the best option…yikes.

And to close, with great joy and jubilation I announce the beginning of connection groups for New Heights is next week. Oh, this day has been long in coming…and I have a prior commitment (my last mentoring class). I should still be able to make it to the group, but I’ll be the fashionably late gal who misses all the introductions and has to make one awkward one in front of the whole group. Or my class will get out early and I’ll be just in time. Here’s hoping… 🙂

Happy New Year, and New Semester tomorrow…