Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

This is me. This is me…not knitting

Another knitting deadline approacheth. Birthday socks. Oh my. I’m stuck on gusset decrease of sock #1 because I wrote the pattern down wrong (this is like the 40th time I’ve done that on socks…and I’ve only made 5 pairs to date)…and I have to frog a bunch. Rats! It’s all plain color (purple) in a pattern that looks cool on Ravelry but is entirely lame to knit (Hedgerow, if you were curious).

Connection groups started tonight. SIGH of relief! It was just getting to know you stuff…followed by “hold lightly because we’ll probably multiply pretty quick”…but it’s a start. God answered prayer in making the group at all (but then answered even more specifically a prayer I made this morning, which makes it all around suh-weet).

Concert tomorrow. This girl isn’t really digging the concert scene at the moment because it’s c-o-o-o-ld out there now. Today a pretty hefty wind storm with a little snow brought cold temps and nasty weather. Pretty sure we’ll be fine tomorrow…but I don’t want to go out in it more than I have to. We have a dress rehearsal, you see. I’m ready to have this concert though…there’s a lot to do for chorus this spring, and I’m in the mood to start some of that.

Funny thing today: the power went out in the middle of the afternoon. I had some first graders followed by Kindergarten. None of my plans were really interrupted too much, but I played a super fun game (not really impromptu, but sort of a deviation from the plan) called Magic Piano. I learned that at Kodaly this past summer. It isn’t really reinforcing a lot (I’m not much of a pianist, so my “magic piano” only “says” about three different things…but it’s way more fun in the window-lit room than in the lights. Haha.

I had auditions for an honor choir today. That made me think of being an adjudicator again. I had said last year that I was going to get myself into that this year. Didn’t do that. Perhaps I will make the leap next year.

Finished my teacher mentoring class tonight. I am one “unit project” away (plus an evaluation and a portfolio) from being licensed fully, not just conditionally. Woohoo. Call me a veteran teacher or something. Or don’t. I’m not really.

You know what is truly fun? Square Dancing. No joke. Really fun. Not so fun to convince kiddos that it’s fun, but seriously. Do I have 7 friends reading this? Would you please square dance with me? Great! Thanks! 😀

I ate dinner really late…pasta with sauce and a pita with hummus. Not a winning before-bed combo. I’m stuffed and I’ve got the tomato taste lingering. Tomorrow I hope to finish the quiche I made for dinner on Monday at lunch time. I added sour cream to the eggs and it made a really fluffy, light texture out of the quiche. It would have been magnificent with spinach and bacon, but I had green onions and farmland sausage. It’s light, fluffy, and salty as all get out. Shoot.

I think I’m ready for bed. I’ll need my beauty sleep because I’m cranking out some good work tomorrow with the rehearsal, the concert, and a full Day 1 of teaching. Whew.

Peace to y’all. And hope to update with knitting progress sometime!