Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

fast forward

Tonight was the first public gathering of New Heights Church (www.newheightschurch.org) and it was a good one. I have to say, a LOT has been going through my mind this weekend (and weeks and months before) about what the transition was going to look like, particularly how good things are happening at Westwind in Waukee, and I was torn to transition out of that (though I’m barely “in” there…I’ve deemed the drive too far to do more than 1 day a week).When I consider those things, it’s still tough, but truly I am thankful for God’s affirmation tonight. So many people united by the Spirit in one place. I love it. I love that people are willing to come here to see it happen. To think that I left a good place so unwillingly to come here, and now it is that good place. My heart has some shame for the attitude I’ve held.

And what of relational intimacy? I long to know and be known here…this church might be the vehicle for that. I pray it is.  I’m anticipating also the connection of service. I have been inactive in churches for about 15 months. Or more. October 2010 marked my last week in a D6 room at Cornerstone (and even then my involvement was pretty limited). I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. Enough talking about it, right? 🙂

I don’t have much more here. Some heavy duty knitting (stupid mistakes…taking them out keeps me from working further, sadly)…and a full week, but good stuff. Peace!