mousse on the loose

my roommate’s birthday is tomorrow and her special meal request was my Thai Peanut Chicken (somehow I’m going to need to show restraint and NOT add all the chili paste) and chocolate mousse for dessert. I haven’t made mousse before, and it falls outside of the realm of baking and into the realm of cooking. The recipe I used (from Lebovitz’s Ready for Dessert) said to cook the custardy milk + egg yolks + sugar until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. I didn’t think much of it until I realized I’d been stirring the stuff for 25 minutes and it was as liquidy as ever. Plus it was kind of coating the spoon, but what constitutes as actual coating…I mean, you could still see the spoon, and the liquid was dripping off, but you could see where it had been dipped. I threw caution to the wind, strained, whisked, chilled, then whipped some cream and folded a lot (hopefully not too much) ending up with sadly only 4 half filled coffee mugs of mousse.

Don’t tell, but I didn’t use the greatest chocolate. I stood in front of the chocolate for baking and contemplated dropping more than $5 on chocolate for a dessert, but realized if I did so it was inviting some serious blunder and waste. So I stuck with my stash (now down to 12.66 bags of chocolate chips) of HyVee semi-sweet. It tastes like it, perhaps, but if I don’t mention it, I’m sure that it won’t get the attention. Perhaps I’ll try a round two at some point (though it’s a bit of an egg hog) with the remainder of the cream and see if I can make it fluffier this time.

I had little rhymers in kindergarten today. It was pretty awesome to see them make up variations for Down By the Bay (Did you ever see a ___________, [verb here] [prepositional phrase here] ___________, down by the bay). The other class kept rhyming with “dog” and “cat” but this class was rhyming with cow (my favorite…taking a bow and saying “wow”), pig (wearing a wig, naturally), and some other kind of tough rhymes. At least tough by my count…off the top of my head I’m lucky to come up with anything that’s very good.

Knitted socks won’t be done for tomorrow. One is done and drying. I blocked it using handy dandy sock-blocker #1 from K at Christmas. I’m going to wrap it somehow with an unfinished sock and an IOU for finishing. And then I’ll take back sock #1 and sock #2 and get to busy. But my weekend’s pretty full before that…so we’ll see.

Snow is on the way…but not here. I’m not embarrassed to relay my disappointment because snow doesn’t include shoveling or traveling. Recall that I live next to my grocery store and my property managers have been super about keeping sidewalks clear. Now if only the cars that are habitually parked along the curb opposite my garage would park in the parking lot 20 yards away…then it would be hitch free with snow (there is some packed, slippy snow/ice in front of the garage strip). I’ve debated leaving a note…slightly less costly to myself than an accident later, but for the time being hope the property managers will say something about it.

Now to make coffee for the program-tastic morning.

If this feature were to go out, I think I would feel a loss. There’s just something about coffee ready when you wake up that gets the day going well. I no longer put away dishes in a groggy stupor while waiting for the coffee…of course, the eliminated wait time is cutting down the dish putting away-age in the morning. Hmm. Another problem for another day.


FRIDAY tomorrow! Glad for it. 🙂 Peace.

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