Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

cook, pasta, cook

I am writing to you from my kitchen counter. To the right of the coffee maker and the stove. I am waiting on water to boil for an impromptu meal of pasta with a mushroom cream sauce. It’s sounding like a bigger deal than it is. Truthfully the mousse had a leftover half cup of cream in the fridge that needs to be used well and I figured the usefulness in a sauce (which I can hopefully beef up with some milk, but we’ll see) would be helpful. I am also wilting spinach, but definitely not until the pasta and the sauce begin rolling.

My grocery excursion was quite late indeed. I have a cold and intended to stay in altogether tonight, but found a bit of cohesion to be lacking with my ingredients. I have a lot of poultry (well, it’s chicken) in the freezer, a little bit of odds and ends in the cupboard (enough for a pasta and red sauce meal, but not substantial enough to serve to G)…and not much else to boast.

pasta’s on…so i sign off. good night!