Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

55 minutes and a really full plate

It’s almost semi-annual. I’m putting the clarinet back in “clariknit”…today I brought my instrument to school to play before school. It was a good warm up for the day (you know, good breathing, diaphragm work, the wakefulness brought about by the feeling of your chin and cheeks bursting from months of not being used for clarinet playing)…but it lasted just 25 minutes before I thought I might lose the ability to smile. I went again after school for the purpose of getting more satisfaction of practicing in.

And the thing is, it’s not so much a technique-driven perfectionist thing. It’s more of a realization that being musical and experiencing musical things is my choice…there aren’t ensembles or playing opportunities right now, but I can play for me, and that’s worth it. I think teaching musicianship to little people (conducting, too lately) has given me this bug. I hope to retain it.

I went to a restaurant recommended by a friend in Des Moines tonight with a dear friend. It was called Baratta’s and is like a locally owned Olive garden, in that it’s all things Italian for similar prices (even had a 2 for $25 special like those chains), but it was quaint and charming like Noah’s in Des Moines, or a little place in Peoria we went to that had special Gondola sandwiches. The decor was a little outdated, but in mint condition. The main course (pollo penne) was excellent…a pesto sauce with chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, and penne. Our appetizer was pretty good, but a little different than I expected (toasted ravioli). The time spent was the real winner…only one other group was in there about as long as we were (and one of them was louder…kind of distracting), but I was encouraged as I caught up with the goings on in her life.

I totally faked not having a cold today. I mean, not fully…I still sneezed, blew my nose, and took Sudafed when I had the chance, but I didn’t mention it (well, here I am mentioning it), and it made for a more energetic than I felt day. That was cool.

Looking forward to everyday this week for one reason or another. Nothing else to report.