ego boost

no doubt–I was playing my clarinet this morning at school (a band morning) when the kiddos were bringing in their instruments to put away for band later. During band while a student went to the hall with their director the kids started making comments:

When I put my instrument away you were playing the flute.

No, she plays the clarinet!

You were perfect! 

Yeah you’re really good!

I heard you playing the…the…the scales!

These comments really came from them. I’m old enough to know that the approval of ten year olds holds very little bearing in my confidence and self-worth, but it was dually encouraging to hear from some of the very same students later in the band lesson, “Oh, we are learning that in music” and actually described things that they’ve learned in MY CLASS that are appearing in their band music.

While I appreciate the flattering (and misinformed) compliments about my slow progress in returning to my instrument, hearing two references to separate music topics come up in the same band lesson tickled my ego immensely.

I know, I know…you mean the stuff in music class actually has relevance in other music activities?

Perish the thought.


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