A conversation at our church-plant pre-launch worship+potluck event last night has prompted me to think about my story. I posted something similar a year ago because we were sharing testimonies with our gal’s bible study, so it seems an annual thing. I was prompted to look through my old journals again (I do this over and over), exclaim at God’s faithfulness to bring answers to prayer and growth to failings…amazing. The same conversation went down that road, too…you know. Married? Kids?

The kind folks interested in getting to know me at church don’t know that stuff yet, so it’s an innocent and fair question. I replied and continued along that congenial getting to know you path…how do you like it here in Indianola? I think I might get that question now more that I’ve been here for more than a year. Some days it’s great. Some days it stinks. Maybe don’t ask me on the latter days…at least if you’re hoping for a favorable answer.

On a walk with G tonight I think I have something figured out. If I ever become full-time here, I can look at houses more seriously. Is that a God-ordained conclusion (well…we’ll see how, where, and when He moves me)? Eh, not really… So I-town, as much as I’m trusting God to keep me here as long as He wants, I’m not looking to settle down here until I have hours to show for it. It’s logical in my head, if nowhere else…I’m not finding the work sitch to be bad here by any means…but I would jump at a chance to be full time if I liked where I was headed.

But for now I must flex my restless dreaming wings in the spot where God has me now. And hopefully express my life story in a light that sheds glory on its creator (God)more than its benefactor (me).

I suppose I should be glad for all the questions. Some of them include: what year are you in college? There will be a day when people stop asking that. It’s drawing ever near, I’m sure. 🙂

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