Cowabunga [dude]

I had a really full, really good teaching day. One that leaves me short of breath and with a classroom that looks like it may have weathered a tornado, but a good day. In fact, on my WALK HOME (because it’s balmy at 60 degrees here) I mused that I would like to stick with these students next year if at all possible. Would I jump at full time? Yeeeah…but how sweet would full time at my school be? Sweetness. Of course, I should be careful to emphasize that I am not grumbling about 80% time because it has been plenty and allows some flexibility. I just happen to understand my working capacity is greatest in the morning. Perhaps God has given me the mornings of this year and last year to prepare myself for full time. Maybe He has the same in store for next year.

I am a knitting slacker. It might be the balmy weather. It might be the purple socks of death extreme boredom that are killing the desire, but whatever it is, I need to hop to. We’ve got birthdays and valentines to knit for, you know? 🙂

I uphold that my favorite elementary school teacher holiday to celebrate is Valentine’s Day, even though I don’t get to check out any of the sweet parties going on that day.It’ll be a day 6 on our cycle (unless we get a snowday! Then it’d be an awesome day 5 and I could go to all the parties!!). I should make musical valentines for my students. AWWW. I could use song lyrics as one-liners. Hmm. 300 valentines…! Maybe not. Anyway, I introduced a Valentine’s song to kdg today and a little folksong about letters to first grade a couple days ago (Ida Red) and used the heart-beat and popsicle stick kits I made with first grade (aww…hearts for Valentine’s day!). My kids are so smart :).

And…Cut the Cake. This song is seriously the bomb with little kids. I was told to use it to teach Fa, but it is so much better for little ones. They were thrilled to “race” around the circle, meet in the middle to say “Good Morning, Good Evening, Good night!” and race back to give me a high five. The whole class was, in fact.

I made a giant yarn ball pom-pom thing for my room…and it was a miserable failure compared to the splendor of the for-sale versions at my workshop this weekend. Take two begins this weekend if I make it out to get yarn. I made the strands too long so it was too thin and had to be cut. You use a whole pound of yarn, you see. Cutting it to shape was a bit like cutting hair, which is something I have longed to know how to do for some time. I won’t go as far as enrolling in beauty school (don’t have time or much inclination for the whole process), but I would love to learn how to cut hair besides online tutorials that may or may not be credible. Anyway, the kiddos liked the yarn ball today. I was a little worried for the integrity of the strings tying the whole lump together at a few points…so I might have to reinforce again.

I think I’m off to Pinterest to look for classroom decorating ideas for the month. I have some bulletin boards that are killing me softly with their monotonous simplicity. In fact, I have one board that has been blank for almost the whole year. YIKES. Luckily it’s in a pretty bad spot in the room (tucked in an area by a shelf), so it’s not depriving many students from subconscious learning.


3 thoughts on “Cowabunga [dude]

  1. Brittany

    I feel the same way about cutting hair. I’d love to learn how to do it, but it’s not something that can easily be picked up and “practiced,” so cutting my bangs is about the closest I’ll get. :o)



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