Daily Archives: February 5, 2012

bucket list

A conversation at Perkins last night, er…this morning, if you want to be precise…involved describing a bucket list for a group of people. Conquering firsts and never-before-tried corporately. That gets me to thinking what I’d like to do for the first time (not necessarily the last time, either…like sky diving or traveling somewhere remote). How neat would it be to tackle some of those with a group of friends! Particularly on the list was dancing lessons, a restaurant in Des Moines, and Paintball. I am not part of that group (it was a guy list…you will likely not see me paintballing ever…but who knows), but totally attainable, not far from everyday possible.

Last year held many firsts for me, and I hope to drum up some more for 2012. I should probably finish my first pair of socks for the year. If only they were more exciting than purple. 🙂

Time to bake cookies for a super bowl party. Try something new!!