Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

remember that stink eye?

I just paid a co-pay and a prescription fee to find out that it’s irritated. I’m trying some antibiotic drops in case there’s infection, but my doctor didn’t think that was a sure fix. I did learn a new way to administer eye drops today (first at school and then the directions in the prescription bag)…and decided to practice with Visine first. It didn’t clear up my eye immediately (whew, didn’t cry wolf!), but the drop seemed to do something. I’ll give the other drops a shot starting tonight.

Practicing piano is difficult as an adult with high musical expectations. I mean, if I go over something long enough it should be easy…that’s how clarinet worked, that is how most things work…but I am clearly not dedicating enough time to these accompaniments I need to “perform” a week from tomorrow. EEEK. Do you have a piano that I could play this weekend? I suppose I could go to school and play, but seriously…not as much fun as you would think. The e-flat on the treble clef space (so an octave and a minor third above middle c) sticks like duct tape and is not very yielding to the gentlest of touches. Besides that, the songs I picked are boring to the max now that I’ve played them over and over (hands alone, mostly, with a little both-hands action to break up the monotony).

Today I wore a sweater vest I’m not sure about. I bought it thinking I could base a pattern off of it (it’s a tad on the small side) and have hardly worn it. Two people complimented it right off the bat, one of them asking if I’d made it myself. This means that it’s worth wearing again (or that it’s the first time I’ve worn something out of the ordinary and it caught their attention). Regardless, the part of my school clothes I enjoyed most, as with most days, is my Wide Leg Trousers from Gap. I got them on sale and they fit better than any dress pants have ever fit me. I hope I can find some more of them in new colors next time I make a trip to a mall…of course, even if not new colors, I might line up some replacements, as these are getting quite a workout.

Too personal today? Perhaps. My apologies.

On the menu tomorrow: lasagna or tacos. I even bought Italian Sausage and ground beef. It’s going to be great! 🙂

Have a great night!