Daily Archives: February 10, 2012


Green is the color of sick days. Today was one. I’ve got some kind of stomach upset…pain all day (last night, too). I went to school and turned around within the hour and went home.

Green is also the color of the smoothies I made after dinner. I figured nothing had come up all day, so I was probably ok to eat (perhaps my logic is off), and have been collecting the ingredients for such a “health food” all week. In the smoothies went spinach (green) that you can’t taste, bananas, strawberries, vanilla yogurt, a little milk (it was getting stuck), a little honey (the banana and strawberries were on the less-ripe side, so not very sweet), and some lime juice to bring it home. It was very thick, pretty rich, and perhaps not what the doctor ordered…but I rationalize it as “liquid” :).

I’m going to read now. Got a lot of knitting done today (the gusset is being shaped!), but haven’t got much more knitting in me for the day. We’ll see. I’ve got a movie to put in (Steel Magnolias, borrowed from a friend because I’ve never seen it). Peace!