Daily Archives: February 11, 2012

beautiful exchange

I just used an iTunes gift card from Christmas to buy a much anticipated Hillsong album. It’s not that new (2010…Beautiful Exchange), but it’s grand. Love Like Fire, Forever Reign, Our God is Love (among others). I am singing a lot.

This weekend promises to be one of many reunions and socializing. I like those weekends. The timing is pretty excellent, too, as I might be tempted to wallow in self-ness otherwise. Yes. Self-ness. The mentality I adopt when I stubbornly neglect to recall all the ways that my life is blessed by people and circumstances that God has orchestrated. Perhaps you’ve experienced it, too. Winter (and perhaps even Valentine’s Day) has its way of amplifying its effects.

BUT, I do want to share with you some encouragement that I read in a newsletter/email from boundless (Focus on the Family’s young adult ministry) today. Lisa, one of the staffers, challenged readers to intentionally encourage and affirm people during the month. What an easy gift to give, but let’s be honest, affirmation goes a LONG way in this house. I mean, if someone tells me that my sugar cookies are the bomb, I know they are not only telling the truth, they are affirming my recipe selection and cookie baking skillz. Ha, that was a conceited example. But it’s true that affirmation goes a long way; a small compliment of my writing at work literally lightened my steps for the rest of the day a few weeks ago. Even outward-appearance compliments bring a smile when they are genuine. I get a lot of these compliments, being that I work with kids who like to outdo one another…I’ve written posts about this before (I like your hair, I like your shirt, I like your smile, I like your shoes, I like everything about you)…I have a bit of a filter. But it still can go a long way.

Should you be the recipient of some encouragement, take heart–you are not just a box-to-check :). This is a practice that I have been pretty adamant about in the past few years, but the reminder was timely because I wasn’t really actively doing that and I wasn’t sure how else to treat the Tuesday of next week…didn’t really have the inspiration to make cards (though how fun would that be) or the desire to buy them and send them out.

Today my tumultuous stomach was at peace. It was a huge blessing. I was very productive this morning and had a very nice teaching day, though full. I might have shot my voice for the night (or was that my Hillsong singfest?).

Scootin’ outta here. My half birthday is NEXT WEEK. Where did the last six months go? Peace to you!