Daily Archives: February 14, 2012


Have you considered the greatness that is contained in the word “drizzle?” It most assuredly preceded any of the hip and hoppin’ slang like “fo shizzle” and all the other words with “izzle” suffixes…and it even has a legitimate definition. That is why I am happy to report that we are experiencing some drizzle this evening. And it’s kind of freezing. But not a lot…so it’ll be slick tomorrow, but we’ll be at school on time.

It’s conferences week. I am anxious to be done with them because that means home-stretch. I started Couch to 5K during conferences week last year, and though it’s not even close to as warm or dry as it was then, I remember the school year FLYING after that. I am anxious for warmer days, a little time with my seester in March, and blissful May/June days off. Which is to say preparing madly for a teaching gig in July, but you know what, it’s ok.

Conferences are not (have I said this before?) a really popular time to visit the music room. If you’re like me, you’re totally scratching your head…all those instruments, a chance to ask questions, move around the entire room, all without being scolded or redirected. But no. I have had 3 parents/families come in about every conference night I’ve had thus far. I’m wondering if Thursday will bring in the big numbers. Probably not. One parent asked me if I even go to conferences because I don’t give any tests.

I don’t?

I know, I know. Not those tests that conferences are all up in arms about. But where do they think those report card grades and comments are coming from? Am I wasting my time entirely at the end of the quarter to enter those results with care and precision? Actually…don’t answer that. It won’t change my mind. My assessments are required by the district and are useful for instruction, if nothing else. If Johnny can’t tell the difference between a quarter note, a dynamic marking, and a bass clef, I’ve probably got some work to do…but my assessments along the way would have caught the problem before moving on. Or something.

There’s a lasagna in the oven…I’m getting a head start on tomorrow’s dinnah…but it needs to cook, cool, and fit in the fridge before bed. I should probably get ready for bed ahead of that, or it’s going to be a really late night.

Have a blessed Valentine’s Day. I’m hopeful that you will find reason or cause to bless someone with words of encouragement and affirmation today, as growing together in Christ is described in the Bible! 🙂