Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

the day after Valentine’s Day

It’s not a school night! But it’s a work night. The past couple nights have been late ones (regrettably one was late because I was watching Downton Abbey online and the website was freezing up every five minutes…argh)…and Monday was the lasagna night. I was tired tired today. But tomorrow…eh, it’s not a teaching day, so I’m good, right? Hmm.

The other day a student of mine shared with other students (while in my classroom) that he had been reading his Bible the night before (first thing in the morning). Then later in the day he started telling some of the Genesis creation account, as it had been part of the 7 pages he’d read (under the covers because he was supposed to be asleep, as he told the group of kids). Is there any better thing to overhear? I just want to talk about that at school with kids, all the livelong day. Maybe not every moment of every day do I feel that way, but what a neat, neat thing to be within earshot of that conversation.

Valentine’s Day at an elementary school remains pretty top-notch. Lots of treats, notes from kids and a few friends of mine. I enjoyed supper with a family from church, received a bouquet of lovely tulips (in my top 2 flowers, probably, though I never can pick the #1) from them, and enthusiastically enjoyed contemplating the love of Christ as it pertains to the people around me. A sweet day–I’d like to have some more of those days; yes, on Valentine’s Day, but other days too. That holiday doesn’t have to be stereotypical, you know? I guess my expectations are just that it’s not.

One more day of conferences before the big break…er, comp day. I have a classroom to clean tomorrow…goody goody gumdrops as we used to say as kiddos. 🙂



I love tulips. Mmhmm.

Time for an early bed-time, methinks. Happy “friday” Thursday tomorrow!