Daily Archives: February 17, 2012

Reading, reading.

Yesterday at conferences I had a great opportunity to work in my classroom with minimal interruption (three people per night has been my consistent average in the 8 conference days I have put in). I was copying some Honor Choir part CDs we had recorded in the morning (32 in total…) and reading some articles online in between…being chained to a computer for burning CDs has its advantages. I read about cleaning an apartment in 30 days, about Target’s super analytical marketing strategies (they can predict pregnancy based on your purchasing habits…crazy!), how to clean a laptop, and many other short articles. Fascinating stuff…and yet, not a great use of brain power.

This morning, though, I have been doing taxes, which requires brain power. My 2010 taxes didn’t show a full year of teaching, and I worked at Bible Camp for part of the year, so my owed taxes (and income) were significantly lower…I’m not angry at the government for asking a lot of taxes from me, but yikes. It’s not a refund year. I think I need to adjust my W-4s or something.

Oh yeah, it’s my day off. That’s why I am posting at 11:00ish in the morning. Glorious, really. I don’t want to waste it, though I only have about 4 hours left until I go to the jazz band and show choir contest our high school hosts. I’ll be missing the sunshine in the office I’ll work in.

And so to sunshine. Or lunch. Or something!