Daily Archives: February 19, 2012

It might as well be spring, 3 days down, sale

I am doing laundry. Loads of it. In fact, 3 loads. I skipped washing my sheets last week and so HAD to today…but rather than wait for the three loads to finish (the whites are my last load today) I decided to put on regular sheets. That’s right, the flannel sheets are retired in February. They might come back, but it’s been above 75 most days in the past week or two (in the apartment, outside has been cooler 🙂 ), and I’m overly warm at night. I also flipped my lovely quilt from the auction last summer…it has a blue backer. I’ve noticed that I am more often drawn to blue these days. I kind of stopped going for blue a while back when I noticed that the majority of my wardrobe was blue, but it’s coming back…and on my bed is a great place for that.

I found a cleaning “regimen” for the novice on an apartment blog (called apartment therapy) and I am wrapping up day 3 of the 20 minutes-ish a day plan to live in a cleaner home in 30 days. I appreciate the spontaneity the plan seems to contain (though being a plan it isn’t truly that)…there’s not a real noticeable pattern. That works for me. Then I can’t say…ugh, it’s Tuesday, the bathroom is not that bad, I’ll let it go till next Tuesday. The calendar, though inspected by me when I was making it (the apartment has a list, so I transferred those items to a calendar), contains a bit of a surprise for the day. Funny that K just wrote about clutter in her blog today…but I’ve been looking around and feeling a bit like suffocating.

Lastly, because I think I’m going to go to Zumba, I bought a sale pair of shoes for even more discount today–the first time I have ever gotten a discount for a stained item. I am so thankful to my clerk for mentioning it to me and for following through…they’re a little trendy, but I think they’re kind of fun. Need to keep breaking them in, I think :).

How can tomorrow be Monday? This week promises to be FULL.