count thy blessings.

A conversation with my discipler (or mentor if that’s your lingo) included a tidbit about a book she had read called 1000 gifts. The author poetically named 1000 gifts she had observed. I sat down not long after and planned to make my own list of blessings to count…and the first 75 were down just like that. Since then they’ve been slower to come to mind, not for want of gifts, but instead a decision not to repeat them (although it’s really hard to not re-write coffee every morning…I’ve come up with about every possible gift within the gift of coffee in my morning as a result!!). I’m probably closer to 200 now, but it’s slow going. Initially I put the brakes on because I didn’t want to run out of steam by exhausting the subject in one sitting…but that is not material.

What is material is that within a week that has just started I have the choice of dreading the long days ahead (a huge project due on March 1st, some major decorating for a fundraiser the following day…all for the vanity of winning a little extra PTO money for my classroom, as hard as that is to admit) or by cherishing gifts that I have noticed. Tonight was going to be a packed night…a meeting followed by a lesson followed by a walk (a much anticipated one), dinner, baking cookie bars, cleaning up, and possibly some Downton Abbey if time allowed.

All those things happened (not the walk, as it started to rain, but my friend K came over and spent time with me, which was way better than a walk anyway!), but I sit back now and reflect on today’s gifts. First, I had a class really embrace a new note on their recorders. I mean really. It’s not my easiest crowd to appease. I hope and pray it’s for solid, pure reasons (the joy of new musical notes) and not the particular combination of fingers. I’m a little behind on the hand gestures to avoid in these recent days, but I feel like the pop culture that decides what certain combinations of fingers means needs to give music teachers a break. There is only so much you can to do describe how to cover holes on a note without sounding doubtful of its sanctity.

But on to the gifts–I have the chance to be observed by a student teacher tomorrow. I’m not even nervous…and here’s why: I am not afraid to crash and burn in front of her. I mean, I don’t really want to crash and burn, but as I am human, as I have failed plenny-o’-times, what better audience to take it in?  I watched really comfortable and confident teachers when I was starting out and got really discouraged when I couldn’t make it happen. HA. There is hope in sharing the lessons of my “youth” in teaching.

Other gifts exist too…some that I’d love to dispel but discretion prevents it. One more I will mention–I put out a call for accompanists on facebook (the social media tool I can’t seem to shake but hate at the same time) because I stupidly overlooked Maundy Thursday when scheduling my upcoming program (thereby ruling out most of my limited possibilities) and I got a hollaback. What touches me is that it’s not someone from I-town, but someone from my previous job. Is that not a gift?

So, to conclude, Facebook too is a gift. HA. Who would ever admit that? In this case I feel it is indisputable.

I should probably wash my dishes and get some sleep…that Zumba last night was hard core and I was tired most of the day in part to its strenuous pace. ‘night

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