Pound It

Whoa, snow storm. So evidently the rock that I live under forgot to mention bad weather coming in tonight. I mean, seeing the snow today at school was kind of fun (it had been pouring all morning), but tonight everyone’s talking about “up north” and all the snow and such expected an hour away in Ames. That puts a slight wrinkle in my plans to celebrate good times with mi madre (her b-day) and chilling with my dad. Hmm. Maybe it’ll blow over :).

I made a pound cake for said birthday. The directions said to cream the butter (unsalted) and sugar for 8 minutes on High. I was trusting my kitchenaid, but I was fearful for it…that’s a long time to mix at high speed (ok, I chickened out at speed 6 when it started flinging a little bit of butter out the top), but the results seem to be ok. I haven’t cut into it…so the true test is yet to come. I was disappointed that the recipe was for 2 cakes (the pound of butter gives it the name “pound cake”…and the pound of sugar and pound of flour, though I just used cup measurements that were given) and halving the recipe meant the odd-egg-division-conundrum. I decided in the name of eggy flavored cake and moist pound cake that I could afford to go long on the egg. If it doesn’t turn out, next time I’ll go with four. Or I’ll make Paula Deen’s pre-diabetes recipe which calls for 1 Cup Butter and 1/2 cup shortening! Only five eggs though (for a big bundt sized cake). And a cup of milk. But not this time…I went for health this time ;).

We had our first worship team rehearsal for Sunday morning services. I am really excited to be on the team. I have had the blessing of learning a lot about worship team stuff through my brief stints at churches (and in 24/7 and at camp), but I’ve never really been called on to be very active. Searching for a church all last year meant another year of no activity. The long and short of it is that I think I will safely be involved in sound or music to some capacity at New Heights Church. We’ll see what the niche becomes, but I am very glad to be involved…actually I’m just glad to be involved in this church period. Going to Simpson on Tuesday night was really sweet…I don’t think a single person at my table expressed much interest in coming to our church on Sundays or participating in Salt Company when it starts (not that they won’t do either, but they seemed pretty engaged already)…but just talking to them and sharing some time with them got me going.

I spent a lot of my work day coloring today. We have a Dr. Seuss fundraiser next week (mini golf, woo woo) and I chose Green Eggs and Ham as my theme (’twas once my PE nickname). Today I made a 3′ Sam I Am and 4′ Unnamed Character (kind of looks like a dog). I totally drained every black non-permanent marker in my room. Here’s hoping i win the PTO decoration prize so I can replace them…heh. Perhaps this was an unnecessary project for the school day, but I don’t know when I’ll do it between now and next week. In fact, setting up a mini-golf hole in my room is going to be one monstrous task for me because it means I have to put away that which might walk away. There’s supposed to be someone in my room the whole time, but they might not have enough volunteers (they’ve talked about stationing people in the hall between rooms)…ach. It also requires some creativity in making barriers. I hope it’s fun.

That’s about it. I should make the coffee and hit the pillow. Oh, yeah…and pack in case the weather is better than they say! 🙂

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