Daily Archives: February 27, 2012


I finished the purple-patty-eating-socks. #2 is blocked and drying. I’ll present to G tomorrow morning before work (then if she’s already wearing her purple sweater, she’s good to go for the day’s socks). I hope that my motivation returns in knitting today. I returned from a weekend with family to rediscover the scads of Christmas yarn that has been waiting so nicely in my cabinet for knitting. I think some Stroll Socks (that berry hand-painted) is up next. I’m tempted to do the Imagination yarn…but I think I want to find a scrumptious lace pattern for that. Perhaps K has an idea!!

I took a couch to 5K run today…starting back at the beginning again (week 2, actually) is a little discouraging. I might be able to go further, but I don’t really want to stress out my knees and feet too much. I might do 2 rather than 3 repeats of each “week’s” podcast, but we’ll see. Maybe taking it slow won’t be so bad once I get past the 90 second spurts. I’ve decided not to buy another activity pass at Fusion. Perhaps I will next year (or maybe the community center will be open? i don’t remember) when it’s cold and wintery again. We shall see. I should probably do some research to figure out how to improve overall fitness at some point. I’m pretty sure not going to Zumba once a week won’t change much there :). I do have 2 punches left of my card…so that’s fun. I really like the Sunday class, though it’s more fun to go with my friend on Tuesdays or Fridays.

New Heights had its first Sunday morning service at Paramount today. God has been so incredible in his timing of bringing me to Indianola (and before that to Cornerstone) and so on and so on. I can’t really begin to describe the abundance of what I am feeling here. Wow, in a word. I am really anxious for this to take off, to see God’s mighty hand bring unity to Indianola, to serve people in new ways, to bring glory to His name. I want to be part of a great deal of it (knowing that this is not fruitful, I will attempt to be wise in deciding)…but man! So excited!

And tonight at Zumba I totally smiled at intensely and almost struck up conversation with a girl that I thought I recognized but then realized I didn’t. OOPS. I hope she wasn’t utterly creeped out. I prolly would have been like, “wha?” if someone had done that to me in college.

Mmk. Dinner, some sit-down time, and some prep for the week. Glad to be done with those socks!