I am knitting a new pair of socks (read: purple socks DONE and given away!!!). The yarn is a delightful alpaca blend called “imagination” (from knitpicks.com) in Wild West color way. I suppose I understand that name, as it has sandy browns and dusty red and blue…much like a cowboy might sport, but I might not have named it that if given the option. I am trying something new in that I am knitting two socks simultaneously…all on one needle. I think I might go bonkers with the tangling (I could take a hint of my own to separate the yarn balls with some ziplock bag action, but I actually missed that boat already, because I should have done that before casting on). I’ll still put them in bags, but it’ll just keep them from coming apart and tangling more.

I made more of an effort to be timely with my classes today. That restored a little joy to my day. Not because I’m anxious to kick classes out on time, because I’d prefer to just keep them until I’m done, but it gave me a couple minutes between classes, which allowed some water breaks, some setting up and prep time throughout the day. I’d like to try the same thing on Thursday when I have my full lineup again. We shall see.

I also did some walking today. The glory of the sun being up longer into the evening is that I can go to the library at 5, make it home by 6 (on foot…not sure how far it is, maybe a mile there and a mile back?) and still have some sunlight. I returned some books that were already renewed once and due tomorrow. I finished one and barely started the other…but didn’t see much of a difference occurring in three weeks. I found a short one about a woman who equipped women around the world in small business practices. Or something like that…I’ve read the one-line reviews on the dust jacket and the inside summary. Besides that, I’ll let you know if I finish it. This would be a place to insert some criticism for the local library not having much in the way of books I’ve been hoping to read…but instead I will accept that there are plenty of books that they do have that I just haven’t been apt to try. I should do that.

Besides that, tonight was mac and cheese night at my house–I cooked the noodles in milk. It worked beautifully, though the 1/2 teaspoon of salt was not quite enough (or my milk was too sweet?) and it ended up being kind of plain. Next time I might just add some butter to the mix (a la lipton noodle packets) as I didn’t use the called-for whole milk. We shall see. It was kind of a milk hog (3 cups for 2+servings), so it’s better for rapidly expiring milk. Like my current gallon.

I was mightily encouraged this morning to read Jesus’ reply to the question “What is the greatest commandment?” in Mark. It’s nearly a direct quote from Deuteronomy 4:6, but the scribe’s response was pretty nifty. In any case, I spent a lot of today reflecting on what it looks like and means to love God with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your soul AND all of your strength. The last one was particularly amusing, as my muscles ache from my running shennanigans yesterday. Ha. The timing was appropriate because I was just praying about endurance, and this chunk really stuck out. A few other things stuck out too…but that was worth mentioning here and now.

I think my break-for-blogging has reached an end. I’d like to try to finish this cuff (er, these cuffs) before bedtime so I can start the lace pattern tomorrow. Woohoo!


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