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I bought paisley on purpose today. I had some reward money to spend at Gap and after trying on a dress that didn’t quite work I found some Tunics in bright spring colors. For once I steered clear of purple (this has been my default lately) and found a blue paisley shirt that I love. It’s certifiably a style my grandma has or has worn before (seriously), but regardless of that, I love the fit and the hue. Get used to seeing it, because I intend to get a lot of wear this season.

I also went to a really fun baby shower today. Awesome because the parents and family of the little-one-to-be are Godly and their character makes His Name evident. And I had connections to nearly everyone there (besides the mom-to-be)…which is still fun. Small world connections bless me a lot because God’s provision of community extends a lot further than I realize.

New Heights is out of soft launch season, p.s. I am really excited about that. Let’s go, church! Ready for takeoff!


Here’s to a couple really busy weeks…

mac and cheese…oops

Once upon a time I was buying my very own groceries for (about) the first time. I bought all the essentials…pickles, popcorn, butter, eggs, milk, bread, cereal, and probably some pasta. I also picked up a bottle of what looked to be a fabulous popcorn topping: Kraft Mac and Cheese powder.

As it turns out, it wasn’t all that good on popcorn. The dispenser was a hole, the size of a Parmesan Cheese container’s lid-hole…so the powder dumped and mostly fell to the bottom. It rested on the shelf and came out only for the occasional mix with chili powder (chili-cheese-corn).

Tonight after worship team rehearsal, I was especially craving a popcorn snack, so I hit up the spice cabinet for salt and garlic powder. While doing so I remembered the cheese powder and brought it out, too. It was kind of clumpy, so  I shook it first. I noticed that it was an odd looking color when it came out. Having already distributed it, it was too late to care much about that color…but I looked for a “best by” date anyway. May 2010. Oops. Right above that date: Refrigerate for best quality.

So, if I have food poisoning tonight or tomorrow…I’ll know the source.

And in other consumable news: iced coffee. I really enjoyed some leftover coffee (from a french press yesterday) on ice with milk after school. It kind of made me snap to it and realize that tomorrow is Friday. Aaaahhh, Friday :). This week has gone really fast. Just 7 weeks and a day left of school.

New Heights is in the Newspaper this week, by the way. Here’s the link! Don’t be fooled by their April 8th announcement…we’re live this weekend, starting in the book of Acts. I am so pumped for the body of Christ having a place and a part for everyone to be involved…If I was a wheel spinning freely last year, I have touched the ground and am going forward now…

Lastly, my humility comes to mind. Or should I say humiliation? Today I began re-teaching the word “Caisson” (pronounced Case-on) from the Army fight song to my third and fourth grade classes. I misread it as Cassion and taught it that way without looking it up. I have learned that I am simply not too busy to be thorough in looking up what words mean and how to pronounce them. Every search for “cassion” pointed me to “caisson” (which still remains mysterious in the song…and the caissons go rolling along…the boxes go rolling along? I guess I’m not sure what that means). Admitting I was wrong isn’t that difficult, but hopefully it’s not too late. I was rather pleased that the fourth graders today had seemed to retained the things we worked on this past Monday.

I should get to knitting. Much to do, much to enjoy. Peace!



Have you seen Bambi? I haven’t seen it in a long, long time, but the word it created for the spring-time love-stricken surroundings came to my memory today as I walked home from some lesson planning at school. What is it about the springtime that creates such a buzz, hope, and commotion about romance? I was trying to put my finger on it and failed. Perhaps it’s the effect of more sunlight or the presence of birds singing, flowers blooming, fresh air, and warm temperatures that inspires hope.

Or maybe it’s seemingly inconsequentially inspired by a season of not wearing coats. Whatever the reason, I’m amused because it is noticeably in the air (in my case just in conversational air). And I’m particularly fond of the not-coat-worthy temperatures we’ve had this week. Which led me to ponder if there’s anywhere in the world that enjoys mid-seventies year round. As much as I defend Iowa winters as being not so bad, this is definitely preferable. 

And to further this stream of consciousness, I have only just become aware that preferable has one “r” in the middle instead of two. Unless it’s an ambiguous spelling not recognized by my web browser’s spell check.

Better think about tomorrow and get the automatic-brew-coffee-maker ready before starting the head-to-bed stuff. Peace to you!


One of the best features of where I live is that I can walk to the Fareway in a very reasonable amount of time, which makes me think of England (or a plethora of other countries) and “going to the market” to prepare meals. I gather up a form of payment, 2 reusable shopping bags, and walk about…4 minutes to Fareway. Give or take a few minutes depending on the traffic flow into parking lot (pedestrians are not very well accommodated in most parking lots by other drivers). My next move is to grab a basket. Now I realize that people shopping for families cannot use the basket technique necessarily (unless they go daily…or multiple times daily), but if I can’t carry it in the basket, I’m not going to feel like carrying it home. Fareway is one of those super service stores that carries your groceries to your car, but I haven’t been bold enough to try that to my car parked in the garage yet :). 

Today I bought lots of vegetables. And I bought meat from the meat counter (bacon, on sale). These two acts make me feel very much like an adult. Buying vegetables, by the way, doesn’t make me feel adult because I don’t like them but I know better–in fact I do like them very much. I bought some apples for the sake of my lunch this week, but the plan is to have quiche with mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, onion, perhaps a potato (I have some to use up), and bacon. Not to mention green beans and a salad with cucumber. Summer has come to my apartment.

As far as buying meat from the counter…normally I buy sale meat and freeze what I can’t use right away. Many of the meats on sale are pre-packaged (though not at Fareway…I guess I buy most of my meat at HyVee?)…so I don’t interact with the meat counter peeps very often. I was very gladsome that a lady waiting in line while I was to be helped deferred an offer of help to me (I was standing over by the bacon, which is NOT a popular end of the counter to be at).  

I also have a funfetti cake mix. Mm, fun stuff. Now I’ll need an occasion to bake it!

It’s another quiet evening here for me, but a very enjoyable conclusion to a week of much rejuvenation. So glad for this season and its flowery merriment :). Happy weekend!

spring in my step

This break has been aptly timed. Can’t say that I’m itching to go back yet (because it’s a long, hard run to the finish), but I am rejoicing that it has been so full of rest. I’ve spread myself out in the apartment (no worries, it’ll all be cleaned up before my roommate comes home), which has been very enjoyable…though I can’t seem to finish any project that I start, including cleaning up. I set some goals for today and write  now as a “reward” for gathering up the trash to take to the dumpster. Having not showered yet for the day, I’ll wait to actually take it down :).

I’ve been reflecting on contentedness lately. God has moved quite a bit in establishing community here for me (read any number of my posts in the last several months and you will see this to be true), and I am so thankful for that. A year ago there was hope, but now there is fruit. Love that. My contentedness in this station of life is pretty good, too. Work’s good, being single’s good, family and friend time is good. But I still have moments of discontent. Whether that’s more generally (like the devastation of imperfect bodies facing unknown disease…and me only being able to pray…which come to think of it is really powerful, but the rest is just frivolous and useless feeling), or specifically (desires not yet fulfilled).

But my discontent isn’t really with God or his set of gifts for me now. I think this reflection is monumental, in light of past discontent. I am not upset with God for the way things are when I’m feeling low. Maybe this is out of place and underdeveloped, but my discontent comes from within (and towards) my own heart of envy? Dis-trust? Not sure. Bear with me, here’s a weird one. I love hearing people’s engagement stories and how they met, wedding planning, the joys of marriage, and waiting for babies to come (etc.), but part of my heart is sick for that. Every time I’m invited into that joy, I love it, but then I come away from it feeling heartsick or disappointed. Like Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda who ate forbidden cake and then was given an entire cake to eat as punishment. You like that? Here, have some more!

If you are one who is sharing the joy of your relationships and your blessings from God, do NOT WITHHOLD in light of this. Scripture instructs us to share the joy and pain of this life with the body. Romans 12:15 says:

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.

I know that I need to continue to learn and grow to live in Love (the entire chapter of Romans 12 is an extreme challenge.)…not in the rut of self-centered thinking. I am not bitter, without hope, or depressed, but in need of further sanctification :).

It’s not a very proud moment to admit this, but the fact that my pride wants to delete this post leads me to post it. My life is beautiful and blessed, but it is not an always sunny facebook status that paints a flawless facade. 

And with that…the chore list calls again. I wrote down the bathroom on the list (hehe, it’s not really very dirty!) before I can do some crafting. Knitting in a jiffy! Also, enjoy these finished KAL monkey photos!



A List

Not “a list” as in “A” List. Just a list about today.

1. Making thai sticky rice for dinner.

2. Updating my iPod

3. Printing and playing guitar songs (and keyboard)

4. tripping over unpacked suitcase and other travel accessories

5. Bought page protectors at Staples to make remarkable binders at school.

6. Really jamming to Lecrae these days

7. Got to see a college friend yesterday

8. Toured the new Ballard High School (well, just part of it)

9. Learned that the last mime team to go to all state was K and I back in the day. Politely declined a workshop invitation…

10. played clarinet in a high school band

11. Ate a fabulous scone with a cup of coffee with my “Paul” (discipler)

12. Found a pair of brown flats for cheap…which may or may not be the brown version of a style I have bought in green and black. Here’s hoping they withstand “The Old Gray Cat” at school (they should be fine)

13. Plans for spring break are kind of tightening up, but I’m clasping onto a couple quiet days here at the ranch.

14. should probably finish iPod update and put on some tunes for busy-ness accompaniment.



catch my breath

I am on spring break. According to our calendar at school, there are 8 weeks left of classes before summer break. I exclaimed last week that this was a shock to my system (it totally was), but it’s pretty incredible. In that time there is much to be taught and tested and performed. That’s kind of scary. For instance, cramming an orchestra and Native American Music unit into the 4 weeks after their concert for third grade…uh, at least they can read Do, Re, Mi, So, and rhythms through ti-tiri on the staff. Yikes.

I spent a weekend with my dad and K in the twin cities. It was pretty lowkey (which was just what I needed…unfortunately that meant passing out on K’s couch for most of Saturday), with the exception of working out on Sunday (hoowee, still recovering) and some furious knitting that yielded the second of the KAL socks and part of a new pair (Berry Patch “Fancy” socks…on Ravelry as Pair #7). I love that the Twin Cities have so much to do without going far. We didn’t end up walking by the river, but all the paths and trails…awesome. It would be awesome if Indianola would make a trail going west to Martensdale…the hills and pastures are really sweet. Unfortunately, I am the same person who isn’t a big fan of rounding up my city utilities bill to pay for bike trail maintenance…so I am speaking out both sides of my mouth. Evidently Martensdale has a path that goes to Des Moines that is pretty cool. Maybe I’ll get brave and try it…but I’ll have to wait until my legs recover from some crazy squat/lunge combos on Sunday (and until I’m back in I-town).

I used to count down the days to spring. Fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons (the colors of the leaves, the crisp air, and the smell of warm spiced things…Hawkeye football…school starting), but spring has it’s certain charms. I was very thankful to make it home from a run about 3 minutes before a big rainy blob came over Ames. That was good timing…but I can’t really take too much weather forecasting credit. When it came down to it, I decided to head for home instead of going on because I was tired and it had been about 30 minutes of “run” time (interspersed with walking). The flowering trees and warm temps we are beginning to enjoy a little early here in Iowa are certainly worth the mention, too.

Definitely enjoying a little down time as I anticipate some activity-full weeks to come.

One ball I assuredly dropped

I was surprised to find out from a teacher that report card grades are due this week so kiddos can take home their grades before the break. What? I thought I had surely been left off the list, but no. Report card email was sent about 2 weeks ago. Nothing about the dates was in the email (a blank email), but the attachment had the information I was neglecting. Not to mention the school calendar telling me that the quarter was over. But I didn’t look at that either.

So while I was ignorant of the truth, I am still accountable to it. Report cards must be delivered in a timely manner. I almost finished my grades today (it was a day 5…and though I had planned to spend it on my portfolio, I was happy to spend the time in that way). Though I am anxious as all get out for Spring Break, I must share here that I am TICKLED beyond tickled that we are into the fourth quarter. That means something like 44 days of school remain. I’m probably going to have to go count (and perhaps make a decorative paper chain that mysteriously loses a link every day!) it down…which is to say give me perspective on what needs to happen in 8+ weeks. EEp!

3 Years ago yesterday was the day I headed out to Cornwall for Student Teaching. Miss those folks, miss the landscape and seascape. Miss the tea-time and the cute school uniforms and accents. But so thankful for the richness in the life I am living–God has provided a lot of community and more and more reveals areas to serve Him in within the Indy area. Woohoo to that!

Now to knit by the open window. I’d go for a walk, but I’m expecting a call in the next 20 minutes to an hour…love the warm temps. I think we’re out of the snow day range by now, which means May 21st, good bye for now and have a  good summer chilluns! 🙂


it’s all in the timing

Today at recess I got a big hug from a boy who had had a rough time on the playground before having to line up. His sister came right up to me and said “he probably has to go home early.” immediately my mind jumped to the incident at recess (which wouldn’t send him home…but kids get confused about that sometimes). I asked, “why is that?”

She replied, “Because he probably has headlice.”

Needless to say the side hug was a little more separated after that point. Flashbacks to the lice epidemic of 2009 at camp rushed to the surface and I remembered the horror of being diagnosed (although errantly) with having lice after spending 14 hours straight in a laundry room taking care of camper’s laundry.

He stayed at school all day, so perhaps the “probably” was an exaggeration. That is my hope.