Daily Archives: March 2, 2012


I want to write something of substance here. But I need to write in vague terms for now…however mysterious, I confirm that I have been served some optimism in the past couple days, and it’s affect on my mood is widespread. In fact, today at school I bit off almost too much to chew for my cycle plans…and it was great, but it was a scurry and flurry of action from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I walked out. 

Tonight I took the shortest walk of all time (ok, maybe not, but I got suited up to go for a long one and stopped at the Fareway right next to my apartment complex) and returned home with a pail of ice cream, frozen fries, and asparagus among other things. I love asparagus so much, and this is the ultimate time to get it. My family has never been a grilled-veggie family, but grilled asparagus (plenty of olive oil, salt, pepper, and such) tops my grilled veggie eating experiences. I’ll settle for broiled tonight…but alas. Perhaps that’s enough about it (you should get some…).

What strikes me about March 1st is that though it is entirely possible (likely?) that winter’s fury is not over, it’s on the upward swing from here. No fluke warm weeks, it’s supposed to be getting warmer, brighter, nicer. Throw in some rain (but make sure it’s not on my walk to or from school), and call it spring. just shy of 75% of this school year is over. How can that be? I’m delighted for the summer to come, but this year sure has seemed to go faster than usual. Perhaps because I’ve been looking forward to so much with the church plant here? Not sure.

And about that–we’re actually starting a week earlier, so on April 1st. That’s tremendous news, as it means I will not be going to Westwind (except deliberately on visits, if I do that…?) again. I am outta town this weekend and the only other one that is “off” to come. I’m bummed to miss out on those two weeks because I am SO excited for their ministry growing and expanding with a constantly growing body of believers. Kind of like we are. Great is Thy Faithfulness, LORD!

Well, asparagus and french fries call. I have to hold off on the ice cream for now (sherbet needs to be finished first…unfortunately it’s a not-so-good raspberry flavor), but I’ll definitely have a good dessert.

And I’m knitting like there’s no need to wake up early tomorrow (but there totally is…heh). Peace!