Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

it’s all in the timing

Today at recess I got a big hug from a boy who had had a rough time on the playground before having to line up. His sister came right up to me and said “he probably has to go home early.” immediately my mind jumped to the incident at recess (which wouldn’t send him home…but kids get confused about that sometimes). I asked, “why is that?”

She replied, “Because he probably has headlice.”

Needless to say the side hug was a little more separated after that point. Flashbacks to the lice epidemic of 2009 at camp rushed to the surface and I remembered the horror of being diagnosed (although errantly) with having lice after spending 14 hours straight in a laundry room taking care of camper’s laundry.

He stayed at school all day, so perhaps the “probably” was an exaggeration. That is my hope.