Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

One ball I assuredly dropped

I was surprised to find out from a teacher that report card grades are due this week so kiddos can take home their grades before the break. What? I thought I had surely been left off the list, but no. Report card email was sent about 2 weeks ago. Nothing about the dates was in the email (a blank email), but the attachment had the information I was neglecting. Not to mention the school calendar telling me that the quarter was over. But I didn’t look at that either.

So while I was ignorant of the truth, I am still accountable to it. Report cards must be delivered in a timely manner. I almost finished my grades today (it was a day 5…and though I had planned to spend it on my portfolio, I was happy to spend the time in that way). Though I am anxious as all get out for Spring Break, I must share here that I am TICKLED beyond tickled that we are into the fourth quarter. That means something like 44 days of school remain. I’m probably going to have to go count (and perhaps make a decorative paper chain that mysteriously loses a link every day!) it down…which is to say give me perspective on what needs to happen in 8+ weeks. EEp!

3 Years ago yesterday was the day I headed out to Cornwall for Student Teaching. Miss those folks, miss the landscape and seascape. Miss the tea-time and the cute school uniforms and accents. But so thankful for the richness in the life I am living–God has provided a lot of community and more and more reveals areas to serve Him in within the Indy area. Woohoo to that!

Now to knit by the open window. I’d go for a walk, but I’m expecting a call in the next 20 minutes to an hour…love the warm temps. I think we’re out of the snow day range by now, which means May 21st, good bye for now and have a  good summer chilluns! 🙂