Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

catch my breath

I am on spring break. According to our calendar at school, there are 8 weeks left of classes before summer break. I exclaimed last week that this was a shock to my system (it totally was), but it’s pretty incredible. In that time there is much to be taught and tested and performed. That’s kind of scary. For instance, cramming an orchestra and Native American Music unit into the 4 weeks after their concert for third grade…uh, at least they can read Do, Re, Mi, So, and rhythms through ti-tiri on the staff. Yikes.

I spent a weekend with my dad and K in the twin cities. It was pretty lowkey (which was just what I needed…unfortunately that meant passing out on K’s couch for most of Saturday), with the exception of working out on Sunday (hoowee, still recovering) and some furious knitting that yielded the second of the KAL socks and part of a new pair (Berry Patch “Fancy” socks…on Ravelry as Pair #7). I love that the Twin Cities have so much to do without going far. We didn’t end up walking by the river, but all the paths and trails…awesome. It would be awesome if Indianola would make a trail going west to Martensdale…the hills and pastures are really sweet. Unfortunately, I am the same person who isn’t a big fan of rounding up my city utilities bill to pay for bike trail maintenance…so I am speaking out both sides of my mouth. Evidently Martensdale has a path that goes to Des Moines that is pretty cool. Maybe I’ll get brave and try it…but I’ll have to wait until my legs recover from some crazy squat/lunge combos on Sunday (and until I’m back in I-town).

I used to count down the days to spring. Fall is my favorite season for a number of reasons (the colors of the leaves, the crisp air, and the smell of warm spiced things…Hawkeye football…school starting), but spring has it’s certain charms. I was very thankful to make it home from a run about 3 minutes before a big rainy blob came over Ames. That was good timing…but I can’t really take too much weather forecasting credit. When it came down to it, I decided to head for home instead of going on because I was tired and it had been about 30 minutes of “run” time (interspersed with walking). The flowering trees and warm temps we are beginning to enjoy a little early here in Iowa are certainly worth the mention, too.

Definitely enjoying a little down time as I anticipate some activity-full weeks to come.