Daily Archives: March 21, 2012

A List

Not “a list” as in “A” List. Just a list about today.

1. Making thai sticky rice for dinner.

2. Updating my iPod

3. Printing and playing guitar songs (and keyboard)

4. tripping over unpacked suitcase and other travel accessories

5. Bought page protectors at Staples to make remarkable binders at school.

6. Really jamming to Lecrae these days

7. Got to see a college friend yesterday

8. Toured the new Ballard High School (well, just part of it)

9. Learned that the last mime team to go to all state was K and I back in the day. Politely declined a workshop invitation…

10. played clarinet in a high school band

11. Ate a fabulous scone with a cup of coffee with my “Paul” (discipler)

12. Found a pair of brown flats for cheap…which may or may not be the brown version of a style I have bought in green and black. Here’s hoping they withstand “The Old Gray Cat” at school (they should be fine)

13. Plans for spring break are kind of tightening up, but I’m clasping onto a couple quiet days here at the ranch.

14. should probably finish iPod update and put on some tunes for busy-ness accompaniment.