Daily Archives: March 24, 2012


One of the best features of where I live is that I can walk to the Fareway in a very reasonable amount of time, which makes me think of England (or a plethora of other countries) and “going to the market” to prepare meals. I gather up a form of payment, 2 reusable shopping bags, and walk about…4 minutes to Fareway. Give or take a few minutes depending on the traffic flow into parking lot (pedestrians are not very well accommodated in most parking lots by other drivers). My next move is to grab a basket. Now I realize that people shopping for families cannot use the basket technique necessarily (unless they go daily…or multiple times daily), but if I can’t carry it in the basket, I’m not going to feel like carrying it home. Fareway is one of those super service stores that carries your groceries to your car, but I haven’t been bold enough to try that to my car parked in the garage yet :). 

Today I bought lots of vegetables. And I bought meat from the meat counter (bacon, on sale). These two acts make me feel very much like an adult. Buying vegetables, by the way, doesn’t make me feel adult because I don’t like them but I know better–in fact I do like them very much. I bought some apples for the sake of my lunch this week, but the plan is to have quiche with mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, onion, perhaps a potato (I have some to use up), and bacon. Not to mention green beans and a salad with cucumber. Summer has come to my apartment.

As far as buying meat from the counter…normally I buy sale meat and freeze what I can’t use right away. Many of the meats on sale are pre-packaged (though not at Fareway…I guess I buy most of my meat at HyVee?)…so I don’t interact with the meat counter peeps very often. I was very gladsome that a lady waiting in line while I was to be helped deferred an offer of help to me (I was standing over by the bacon, which is NOT a popular end of the counter to be at).  

I also have a funfetti cake mix. Mm, fun stuff. Now I’ll need an occasion to bake it!

It’s another quiet evening here for me, but a very enjoyable conclusion to a week of much rejuvenation. So glad for this season and its flowery merriment :). Happy weekend!