Have you seen Bambi? I haven’t seen it in a long, long time, but the word it created for the spring-time love-stricken surroundings came to my memory today as I walked home from some lesson planning at school. What is it about the springtime that creates such a buzz, hope, and commotion about romance? I was trying to put my finger on it and failed. Perhaps it’s the effect of more sunlight or the presence of birds singing, flowers blooming, fresh air, and warm temperatures that inspires hope.

Or maybe it’s seemingly inconsequentially inspired by a season of not wearing coats. Whatever the reason, I’m amused because it is noticeably in the air (in my case just in conversational air). And I’m particularly fond of the not-coat-worthy temperatures we’ve had this week. Which led me to ponder if there’s anywhere in the world that enjoys mid-seventies year round. As much as I defend Iowa winters as being not so bad, this is definitely preferable. 

And to further this stream of consciousness, I have only just become aware that preferable has one “r” in the middle instead of two. Unless it’s an ambiguous spelling not recognized by my web browser’s spell check.

Better think about tomorrow and get the automatic-brew-coffee-maker ready before starting the head-to-bed stuff. Peace to you!

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