Daily Archives: March 30, 2012

mac and cheese…oops

Once upon a time I was buying my very own groceries for (about) the first time. I bought all the essentials…pickles, popcorn, butter, eggs, milk, bread, cereal, and probably some pasta. I also picked up a bottle of what looked to be a fabulous popcorn topping: Kraft Mac and Cheese powder.

As it turns out, it wasn’t all that good on popcorn. The dispenser was a hole, the size of a Parmesan Cheese container’s lid-hole…so the powder dumped and mostly fell to the bottom. It rested on the shelf and came out only for the occasional mix with chili powder (chili-cheese-corn).

Tonight after worship team rehearsal, I was especially craving a popcorn snack, so I hit up the spice cabinet for salt and garlic powder. While doing so I remembered the cheese powder and brought it out, too. It was kind of clumpy, so  I shook it first. I noticed that it was an odd looking color when it came out. Having already distributed it, it was too late to care much about that color…but I looked for a “best by” date anyway. May 2010. Oops. Right above that date: Refrigerate for best quality.

So, if I have food poisoning tonight or tomorrow…I’ll know the source.

And in other consumable news: iced coffee. I really enjoyed some leftover coffee (from a french press yesterday) on ice with milk after school. It kind of made me snap to it and realize that tomorrow is Friday. Aaaahhh, Friday :). This week has gone really fast. Just 7 weeks and a day left of school.

New Heights is in the Newspaper this week, by the way. Here’s the link! Don’t be fooled by their April 8th announcement…we’re live this weekend, starting in the book of Acts. I am so pumped for the body of Christ having a place and a part for everyone to be involved…If I was a wheel spinning freely last year, I have touched the ground and am going forward now…

Lastly, my humility comes to mind. Or should I say humiliation? Today I began re-teaching the word “Caisson” (pronounced Case-on) from the Army fight song to my third and fourth grade classes. I misread it as Cassion and taught it that way without looking it up. I have learned that I am simply not too busy to be thorough in looking up what words mean and how to pronounce them. Every search for “cassion” pointed me to “caisson” (which still remains mysterious in the song…and the caissons go rolling along…the boxes go rolling along? I guess I’m not sure what that means). Admitting I was wrong isn’t that difficult, but hopefully it’s not too late. I was rather pleased that the fourth graders today had seemed to retained the things we worked on this past Monday.

I should get to knitting. Much to do, much to enjoy. Peace!