Daily Archives: March 31, 2012


I bought paisley on purpose today. I had some reward money to spend at Gap and after trying on a dress that didn’t quite work I found some Tunics in bright spring colors. For once I steered clear of purple (this has been my default lately) and found a blue paisley shirt that I love. It’s certifiably a style my grandma has or has worn before (seriously), but regardless of that, I love the fit and the hue. Get used to seeing it, because I intend to get a lot of wear this season.

I also went to a really fun baby shower today. Awesome because the parents and family of the little-one-to-be are Godly and their character makes His Name evident. And I had connections to nearly everyone there (besides the mom-to-be)…which is still fun. Small world connections bless me a lot because God’s provision of community extends a lot further than I realize.

New Heights is out of soft launch season, p.s. I am really excited about that. Let’s go, church! Ready for takeoff!


Here’s to a couple really busy weeks…