Long form, please

I spent 2 hours working on taxes. Or maybe it was 90 minutes. Don’t actually know when it started. I relocated a missing W-2 (haphazardly filed in the wrong part of the file box…not with the rest of the papers) and got to work on the short form, double checking numbers as I went (with my federal return and with w-2s). My frustration was mounting when I easily came to an amount that was about 200% the amount Turbo Tax predicted (I didn’t want to pay the additional 25 dollars for the state return with their software…). A chat with my tax pro dad, and the long form seems to be the big ticket item. That is a big relief…so I hooked up the printer, figured out what pages I needed and started printing.

It made it through 2/3 of the last page (prints out of order, you see) before it ran out of ink so much that I couldn’t read it. I checked my drawer and…nothing. I have 3 photo cartridges and 3 color cartridges, all from K and D who donated their extras to me when their same-model printers died or were replaced (respectively). I could print my taxes in high quality color-cartridge black, or I could throw up my hands in frustration and figure something else out.

Until then (and sometime soon, hopefully), I will be enjoying the HOT day with some non-taxing occupation (HA…puns abound).

New Heights is official–every Sunday from here on out until Jesus says “no more.” I am really excited for the weeks, months, years to come. Though I am impatient for the fruit to come, I am excited for the process.

That’s all I have. Peace!

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