When I remember the nothing-out-of-the-ordinary events that made up today, I can’t really think of much that should have left such a great impression of weariness on me, but I am exhausted. Our program is tomorrow (this is it…for better or for worse) and we’ll be finished in less than an hour of singing. I didn’t pull out all the stops for dramatic additions (regrettably, as there are some capable kiddos…but the fall’s over-done program stomped my ambition out a bit), but I think the singing is stand-alone quality (and though it’s maybe not the greatest singing because I’m learning how to teach great singers, it’s a meaty program). 

The program includes America the Beautiful, Battle Hymn of the Republic, the Armed Forces Medley (I hope I called it by its actual title, The Pride of America, in the printed program…I may have goofed), Iowa (Meredith Willson), The Iowa Corn Song (THAT’S how the tall corn grows), a fun patriotic medley opener and a more fun Fifty States in Rhyme closer (in case you’re puzzled as to how anything could rhyme within our fifty states, other words are added to make it work). It’s all balanced fairly delicately on some accompaniment transitions that I had not really put much thought into until today when we first rehearsed with our lovely pianist. No matter, though, as she is really flexible and a great player. 

To any and all future music educators, invest your time, resources, and motivation in the piano. You should be an accompanist, even if it’s not your favorite or main instrument. This is my chief regret in 2 years (wow, wealth of experience, right?) of teaching. I am working on piano on the side, but I don’t have a teacher and there are some weeks that I just don’t have time.

So now to mop my floor, squeeze in a little more knitting (love this project, but mum’s the word, as it’s a gift), and go to bed early. Might push off the mopping till tomorrow to get a couple more rows in…

Peace to you!

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