The Joys of “ethnic” food

Most of the grocery stores around here have some sort of ethnic food aisle. Some stretch the Italian staples to fit, but usually it’s a small assortment of jalapenos in jars, soy sauce, and taco seasoning. A few other ingredients rotate, too (curry sauce, a bit of the oils and sauces for Asian dishes, brands of beans from Mexico), but it’s pretty standard and predictable.

I was avoiding a sizable roadblock in the Super Walmart here in town (one of about three tonight…always an adventure!!) by ducking into the tuna aisle. Across from the tuna were some canned items. I would not have stopped if it had not been for the canned boiled peanuts…BBQ Flavored!…that I found there. Next to it was canned succotash and okra, and just about any other Southern US canned food. That shelf and the one next to it, certainly, were chock full of the oddest things my eyes have encountered on shelves so far in my life.

Perhaps this most motivated me to write because I just saw a link for a blog post on the top 20 (arbitrary number…I don’t remember and I didn’t go read it) canned foods that shouldn’t exist. I’m not exactly a proponent of knocking food before I try it (it’s my anti-picky eating mentality), but it seems as though that might eventually make the cut in my own list.

SO…if you are feeling particular adventurous, we should cruise the South’s last stand aisle in Walmart and pick something crazy to eat.

(I should mention that I don’t have a particular disdain for the south, I just haven’t been there. And I find it surprising that our Walmart devotes so much room to the fare from there. Maybe since they are a southern chain?).

that’s all. laundry. dinner. taxes (state, as federal were due today), and knitting!

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