My dad is especially gifted at surprises. When I came home from college my sophomore year, he asked me to take the stuff I had just unloaded from the car straight up to my room. Feeling a little overwhelmed, I did, and I found a fabulous guitar, stand, and all the accessories waiting in my room. It was a complete surprise, as we’d talked about finding a guitar at a local music store’s annual sale, but it dropped when he looked and couldn’t find one.

I came home for some dinner before Anthem and when I got out of the car, I was wished a Happy Birthday. I am all for celebrating my birthday (actually life, which happens to be marked by time…I usually stick to monthly “celebrating”) year-round, but it’s not until August, so it was a little unexpected. In the garage was a beautiful bike that he had found, bought, and was fixing up for me. It’s seen its share of use and love, but it has new brakes, a new tire, and a lot of miles ahead of it. I found a picture online of what it looks like (I’m too lazy to go down to my garage, take it outside, and take a picture…apologies!).

Let me be clear–this one isn’t mine, but looks very similar!

Bike trails of Minneapolis, be ready. I can hardly wait! Thanks Dad!!

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