Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

rejoice and be glad

But may all who seek you
rejoice and be glad in you;
may those who love your salvation
say continually, “Great is the LORD!”
(Psalm 40:16 ESV)

This jumped off my Bible’s page this morning. Lately I haven’t been feeling much lasting joy…and it’s been frustrating, because I know and knew that there was not any cause for it–I am aware of the joy that is encompassed by being the child of the Creator of the world from past experience, from time in the word, answered prayer, beheld miracles…but for whatever inexplicable reason, I have been spinning without it.

The lack of joy is not circumstantial. Sure, I could probably spin my circumstances to you in such a light that you would be tempted to sympathize and empathize and assure me that things will be looking up before too long, but for real. My life is full and rich these days…but I forget about the joy.

Today while I was reading seek stood out to me in verse 16. I probably read over it the first time without much pause (as I drink my coffee, it takes a couple tries before anything really sinks in), but it dawned on me that I’m not rejoicing in the Lord and being glad when I’m not seeking him. So, excepting my spiritual conversations and quiet time(s) during the day, I’m out to sea. If I’m seeking Him even as I work (trickier for me, because I tend to compartmentalize a little at work…and very much at home), I’ll know that joy firsthand throughout the day. 

Do I have the answers? No. Do I have a lot of time left at work for the school year to try and see (not that this will keep me from seeking the Lord during the day…but I just won’t be used to it at work for a while)? No (woohoo! under 10 days remain!). Am I thankful for the Counselor who teaches us all things and causes us to remember all things about Himself? Mm to the Hmm. Mm to the Hmm.

Coffee, dishes, and bedtime await. Peace to you!