Daily Archives: May 17, 2012

home stretch, home-slice

Thursday, Friday, half of Monday. Then workdays. Then done.

18 rows left of my knitting project. The longest rows in the whole thing. Discretion in case its recipient reads this blog (prolly not, but one cannot be too sure).

Papa Murphy’s has kiddie pizzas (mini murphs) and I got one for FREE tonight when I paid for a large 1-topping pizza (also on special, also what I’d planned to get for my guests). So this home-slice is eating pizza for lunch tomorrow AND Friday, not to mention dinnah tomorrow night.

The kids are way ready to be done. Their music teacher shakes her head. And pats herself on the back for finishing up the report cards a day early (as opposed to last quarter when it was down to the wire because of a tiny forgot-to-read-directions blunder). That’s exhausting.

I’m drinking Willow blend from Starbucks these-a-days (not right at the moment, so I can’t say “now”). I’m a dark roast gal, but this is GOOD coffee! Try some, try some, you will see!

My 20 mile bike-ride made getting up very difficult today. I tried the good old “press snooze” trick from my sister. Didn’t really help, though.

Better knit. It’s easy to get carried away with other things instead, yeah? Yeah. peace out…