Daily Archives: May 18, 2012


My bad news at the beginning of the week kind of hit me again today. I’ve been surprisingly recovered in the days since, but today was really tough. Tough because I am fighting lies about inadequacy (in my head)…not so much that I’m never going to reach a stage beyond novice, but more so that my experience so far is inadequate…that I’m not worth the risk of failure to take on. 

[if you’re loving the vague-ness here, it’s because this is the Internet, accessible and visible to more than I know of].

I will pray for the strength to live on the truth and shut out the lies.

And I really want to do something special…not an end-of-the-year-celebration so much, but a let’s-enjoy-this-life-and-be-encouraged something. My plans will instead be finishing the endless blanket and, wait for it, if I’m feeling it, cutting thousands of cards for games that I laminated today. 

I know you’re likely to be envious. I hate to brag on the Internet and all, but this just couldn’t be helped… 🙂


Now for some pasta-procrastination. And Friiiiiiday.