Oh Baby.

There’s something in the water. Married women around me are pregnant and having babies. I know plenty of single women who are not having babies, but it’s pretty easy to forget that whence in the company of a whole lot of pregnant married women.

I want babies (in TIME though!) someday, but there’s such an overwhelming amount of things to learn and do and sacrifice that I’m not in a real hurry today.


This pattern is way simple to make, though it looks pretty darn fancy.

Here’s a picture of some knitting I did for a couple baby showers. Knitting for babies to be is kind of fun, however impractical (I know how useful a knitted bib is, but a non-knitter might see the slightly permeable fabric as inadequate for catching spit-up). Regardless, it’s soft, bright colored, small and quick (ish…), and a joy to think and pray for the mom, baby, and family (dad too).

Besides this knitting and baby fever? Still grieving a little bit, but mostly recovering well. I need to clean my room and apartment, finish school, cut out those laminated cards (put that off…oops), and remember all the “dates” I have set up with people in Indianola lately… 🙂


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