The knitting days of summer

Wait for it…summer starts for me tomorrow. Kiddos got out today at 11:30. I made mess after mess in my room, but I cleared out some major junk in my classroom, which gives me much delight (I found some wooden T-looking things made of really rough looking plywood. The custodians weren’t sure what they were or what they might have gone to either).

I am spending a month with my favorite sister of all time and was wondering about converting this knitting-sometimes blog into a knitting-all-the-time blog for those 30 days. A picture of progress daily. That would be the first goal in blogging since I spent time in Cornwall (which was awesome…sigh) and wrote as much and as often as possible.

So, tonight, home alone and feeling a little ambitious to start this summer, I will knit, eat dinner, read a book (!) and perhaps even tackle another drawer organization project (got 4 done today at home. And that was AFTER I was at school all day doing similar things).

Last, funny story. I wrote a quick note to our fab IT people (they are fab–really fast service this year especially) to ask for a longer ethernet cord so I can move my computer farther away from the middle of the room. I received a response that the entire district is going to be updated to 10′-15′ cords this summer. I looked at my lone-network-port, and that’s going to mean my computer is even closer to the center of the room. I let him know that, and perhaps I’ll get the port moved this summer :). What makes it funny is that the custodians told me today that they tried to have that port moved for YEARS while my predecessor (2 back) was in my school, but nothing ever happened. In the name of efficiency, it might actually happen.

That is all. Now to dinner and such.


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