Today marks the conclusion to my second year of teaching. The paperwork for my standard (read: full) license is signed and ready to be mailed (with the check though…not as fun). My classroom is put away for the year (though I threw away a bunch of stuff, I will probably try to focus some time on clearing out even more when I find my way back to it).

I was driving home via the grocery store (quick stop for the ad, some produce, and discounted gas) when I realized I feel like I’ve been teaching for a long time. Maybe I’m just an empathetic soul, as people were being recognized for years of service beyond my years of life today. One of those who retired today had 34 years of experience all in this school district. Incredible. Perhaps more incredible is that there were 2 other teachers today (not retiring) who have been there 35 years. One of our school’s retirees has been there for 27 years. WOW.

I returned home, settled myself down on the couch and read the 2nd half of a book plus most of another. Then I got up, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and here I am. I am dreading the cleanup (my favorite Thai peanut chicken, though a little hotter than usual as I used the rest of my jar of chili paste all in one batch)…it’s a big mess. But I’ll go for it. I decided to loaf today because it was the first day of summer. And I was so tired last night and today when I got up that I just didn’t feel like any adventures.

This is kind of a dull “dear diary, today I…” post because I am not inspired to be much more profound. Perhaps I’ll put in a movie and knit. 🙂


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