Daily Archives: May 24, 2012

An open letter to coffee shop owners interested in expansion

Dear Entrepreneur,

Please consider opening your coffee shop in my town. Yesterday, while at my local shop (which is hardly ever open, it was a miracle I made it there before it closed), I ordered a medium coffee for “here”. I asked them what it was (they are one of those shops that name their roasts ambiguously…clever name, but no insight to what the coffee tastes like). After they tried to pump a full cup of the coffee from their obviously emptying thermos I thought to ask how old the coffee was.

“Oh, we brewed it today.”

TODAY? It was 4:10 in the afternoon. They open at 7 or so.

I inquired a little further…”Today, or an hour ago?”

“Oh, I think it was right when I came in at noon.”

If you come and brew coffee by the cup or more often than once every four hours I will be your best customer. I will promote your brand and your store to anyone with ears and a propensity to drink coffee. Perhaps even those who are not yet coffee-drinkers.


Please, please, please make your way to this city.