Daily Archives: May 28, 2012

Unexpected treasure.

I went out for a run this morning, once the coffee was gone. It was already hot and pretty humid, so I cut it short with running (walked back)…my lungs are not in shape, and without a running buddy I have no one to speak louder than my internal “CAN’T GO ON…MUST BREATHE TO LIVE” warning system. When I was using couch to 5k, the guy (Robert?) was kind of that voice of encouragement. Now I just rough it with a podcast or an obscure album I haven’t listened to in a while, and it is indeed rough.

Anyway, I ended up taking a really long route home because our town has a memorial day parade (who knew?) that I was in time for. As much as I love a good parade, I was afraid of parading myself in front of all of Indianola my adoring fans looking like a sweaty, out-of-shape mess. So I walked further north until I was able to finally head west again without intercepting the parade. Although I am not certain of it, the route I took was advantageous for taking a certain street (named for a letter in the alphabet) that I may not have gone on otherwise…although I may have…my route is largely dependent on traffic at intersections. If there aren’t cars, I do as I please. If there are, I do the opposite of them so as to avoid having them wave me on (which, it’s funny, because I totally do that to pedestrians, and yet I hate being on the receiving end). 

Anyway, this letter-named-street took me past a house where three gals were shooting hoops in their driveway. I waved and said “Hi” when they made eye contact, and they dropped everything and RAN to me. I got hugs and smiles and one of them told me to “wait!” because she had something she’d wanted to give me. I chatted with the other gals and the younger sister brought out a pink flamingo playing a ukulele and wearing Hawaiian garb. It sits on a desk or shelf with feet that kind of dangle over the side. CUTE, pretty much.

As I walked the rest of the way home, I couldn’t help but relish in their sweet gesture. Not only did they think of me when they saw this little musical flamingo, they delighted in seeing me, they hugged their sweaty teacher and they presented a token with such joy and conversed with me about their lives and mine (as much as you can in a 5 minute span).

I don’t teach for the gifts like these, but this provision of encouragement goes SO FAR, especially when the timing is so right. Thankful to God that He has remembered ME today.