chew on this

I am contemplating things today. The fall and my “extra” time in the work week, as well as life beyond right now. Things that require yielding and waiting on the Lord.

More trivial and less significant, I stopped into a new shop in Indianola today for the first time. It’s got a small collection of vintage and decorative items (it’s a hodge podge of garden, clothing, deco, furniture…you’d have a hard time calling it any type of shop since it covers a wide spectrum of things). The owner mentioned classes being potentially offered (to another customer) and I jumped in asking about them. I told her I would be interested in teaching knitting…and she wrote my name down, saying someone had just asked about that.

Then she asked me what kind of yarns to sell at her store.

Uh, shoot. Everything, anything. She’s not a knitter, so I’m not sure what to tell her…I recommended Cascade right off the bat (it’s along the cheaper line of “nice” traditional yarns…still a lot to the acrylic yarn knitter…but less than a lot of the good stuff) and she asked for more recommendations. I am relieved because it’s not my business…but whew! I feel a little pressure.

But, I might be teaching some knitting in the area soonish. That’d be ok by me :).

beautiful day–time to enjoy some more of it!

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