Monthly Archives: June 2012


Nearly 3/4 of my “up north” vacation is over…and with it about the same amount of my summer. My Internet connectivity has been limited (which, retrospectively is a very good thing), except for ventures to the outside world (read: Starbucks) and borrowed time on K’s laptop.

Highlights so far include:

– My first time strawberry picking.
– Sleeping in…a lot. To the point that getting up for school might prove to be difficult.
– Reading a lot. In week 2 I believe I read 5 books…a few of them were re-reads, but it was great. I’ve slowed down.
– Running. My attitude hasn’t been good about that, though.
– Baking. Nothing new yet, but a couple standards. I’m hoping to try a French Silk pie next week to wrap up the month on a deliciously creamy note.
– Furniture. K and I went to Ikea (so glad that store isn’t even close to where I live…not because I want it all, but I think spending more time there would allow me to rationalize more frequent, small purchases) and I bought a chair for my room, marking the first piece of furniture I have ever picked out and paid for. It has a footstool, too.
– Navigating on my own. My understanding of the geography here is VERY limited (partially because the river does some winding around the part of the cities K lives in, even though I’m accustomed to a north/south river), and K’s pencil drawn maps for me have been sufficient. I also got myself to Rochester for a surprise rendezvous with a friend there (driving through the craziest rainstorm!). 
– Perspectives Coordinating Workshop. Though there isn’t any concrete plan for a class in I-town, this workshop was a good refresher of why the class is so important to me, and inspires me to pursue it regardless of plans not-yet-nailed-down. I’m hoping to inquire about Des Moines.

Other things on my mind have been some school dabblings (Kodály mostly), knitting, and lazy times with Karen. 🙂

This has been the most refreshing break in some time…not too structured, and yet not boring, either. I’m looking forward to getting the most out of the remaining 10 or so days here and am SO grateful for the time spent.


Give Me a Break

The Internet is a very easy place to publish opinions. You need few pre-requisites, hardly any etiquette, and  no verifiable, quantifiable (or qualitative, even!) data. I am contributing to the collective opinion-blabbing mess that is the world wide web by writing in a blog like this…so I don’t really have room to point any fingers.

Today I spent too much time on facebook where I happened to read some posts of people I’m pretty far removed from. One of them contained a link that people had commented about (I didn’t bother going to the link because of the comments’ nature) and another one contained a personal take on a hot-button issue. A similar theme in these online “forums” (even on Christian young adult ministry of Focus on the Family, Boundless, where the more focused blog posts appeal more to my season of life) is that people who read and comment argue vehemently their side of the issues at hand. The “research” they collect (if they do) is frequently sketch (a link is sometimes provided, but not many take the time to cite their “facts”), and their manners are deplorable. I read about 10 comments in a thread from a “Christian” group on facebook in which users determined other users were assuredly not Christian for the posts they wrote. Really?

Apart from the argued-about-issues which raise such dander, isn’t it amazing that we all agree on one thing? That “I (first-person here) am MOST right at all times”…isn’t that the nature of the arguments we experience in life? In real-time, real-life arguments, we might have the courtesy to “hear someone out” (though perhaps that’s a stretch), but online it’s vicious. It can be about legislation, ad campaigns for companies, novels, political candidates, religion (especially religion), home school…you name it. The Internet has given a soapbox to anyone with the willingness to type their opinion. In some cases, it’s great–I love reading design and cooking blogs because I get to hear a conversational account of why someone thinks hand-stirred cookies and DIY pillows are more lovely than store-bought. That doesn’t really irritate me like the sweeping generalizations so often found in comment dialogue…you think this, and therefore all of “you” are like that.

I’m tired of it…I’m not giving up Facebook for Lent or pulling the plug on the account (the good still outweighs the bad at this point…and I like to see updates from those that I know and love), but I am cutting WAY back. My time is a gift to be treasured rather than squandered on filth. K, hold me to it!

And bye for now, Iowa! Headed to the great mosquito state very soon! 🙂