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That’s three.

Yep, ran 5K #3 today. I really didn’t prepare for this one. I worked today (scandalous thought, right), didn’t really run at all the past 2 weeks since #2 (well, I did one 5:30 a.m. run, which was bleary eyed and hot) because of the heat and general exhaustion. I have procrastination tendencies, so I started feeling bad about the time off yesterday…too late to make any changes.

I don’t know why I don’t really care about training (until I wonder if someone thinks less of me for being young and able but essentially lazy). Maybe it’s my weak competitive nature (physically speaking anyway). Maybe it’s my weak brain, not willing to push limits. Maybe it’s because I’m inexperienced. I don’t know. All I know is that I see runners rocking 5Ks (seriously, 20 minute 5K? Whew!) and I feel like such a hack for feeling proud of not walking.

I did get to run with another person tonight, which was sweet. She said I pushed her and I definitely felt the same way (prolly would have walked through an intense side-ache halfway through, but decided to just keep going. it went away). There were no water stops…not that I’m the smartest/best water stop user on the course, but it was pretty hot between mile 2 and 3. Mile 1 went so fast for me…probably because I started out at a pretty gentle pace and then gradually picked it up as I caught up with the gal that I finished with. The last mile was tough.

This weekend is very open. It’s impact sunday at church, so we don’t have a service in the morning (we’re serving outwardly). I might head to Westwind and follow it up with a little guitar browsing. Tomorrow I think I’ll take advantage of the balloon festivities and county fair. I’ve got a pie to bake as well, as I promised my neighbors (it’s her 87th birthday, friends. I hope someone wants to make a pie for me if I get to be that old!). I’m looking forward to coffee. 🙂

I will close with the jubilee that I was correctly registered as an adult in the race tonight. My number was 46 (was that the place I got mistakenly in midnight madness as a “junior”?).


If I were to make a list

Tonight was a night that I had my computer on while I baked a pie. I’d stop in my room and kill a few minutes between different stages, sometimes very tempted to narrate the progress of my pie as facebook stati. Status updates I might have written about the pie would include the following:

1. Blueberry pie is in the oven…nevermind it’s the hottest day of the week (well above 100 with the heat index)

2. This pie will be worth the bump in temperature observed by my thermostat.

3. I wonder if my pie can sit out on the counter instead of going in the fridge…

4. Do you think anyone will notice if a piece of pie is missing when I bring this pie to the potluck tomorrow? (this thought was IMMEDIATELY retracted from the status update mix, in case someone took notice because of my update)

5. Practicing the fruit of the spirit Self-Control as I resist eating the fruit pie in my kitchen tonight.

6. Question to the void: if the recipe says the pie will bubble after 25 minutes in the now-cooler oven, where be the bubbles at?

7. My connection group is probably going to like this pie a lot.

8. I wonder if I can leave this pie anonymously until someone says it’s good…except the part where I’m going to sneak a piece before I take it…


gotta take this phone call…

grown up

I just checked my 5K results. They totally went with the time I saw on the clock when I finished the race, not the actual time it took me to run it (I started my watch when I crossed the start tape, even though the gun had gone off a minute before…1600 people, at least). DANG. But what really got me thinking was the results listing me as 11 years old.  Are you kidding? I thought, huh. I must have had an error in my registration. Then I noticed in the athlete list (Iowa Games, baby!) that I was listed under Female Open, not the under 13 Junior division. So I thought about how differently my life might have ended up if I had been running 5K races as an 11 year old. I might not be such an enthusiastic knitter (or sitter). I may have not taken piano lessons (instead, cross country). I might have been in better physical condition for tennis (hahaha…which we all know was spring cross country practice, though we didn’t run too much…). So on one hand, I ended up in 46th place (out of 91 junior women) and on the other hand, well, it was a bit worse than that…HA.

I also had the opposite of youth get me thinking. We have started a new early out system for professional collaboration/development/(insert acronym here). My “team” includes the other music people, who aren’t in school yet (actually, I’m on my own team, which made me smile just now)…so I tagged along to another meeting in which I was reminded that being a grown up is not always fair and not always fun. I brought a book to school today hoping to do a couple crafts during the hour of QT without kiddos…but meetings instead. 

Part of being a grown up is not complaining here about those meetings. I definitely want to, but I will hold back. I hope next week I can tag on to a possibly more relevant meeting or better yet, just work on my own stuff. Being a sub has interesting challenges, fo sho.


Ok. I better get out the guitar. In a classic “duh” moment, I assumed the song I am supposed to lead is the one we did two weeks ago. Oh no. Nope. Fohghettaboutit. It’s the old school song by the same name. So print that baby out again. Done and done. Possibly easier to lead it though, as the key is mucho in my range-o. The other song, well, it is extremely soprano or extremely baritone/bass in the chorus section, and I was wondering how to make my alto+ voice fit that. HA.


Mmm, nah.

Whew. Today felt like a MONDAY. I didn’t drink both cups of coffee, so I was down for the count, I walked to school (a nice idea, minus the 99 degree highs forecast for today!) and just couldn’t get the energy level going…I’m thankful that what we have left is technically a “short week” (in that 4 days remain instead of 5…ha). Mondays don’t usually get me down too much, but today was particularly tiresome. Perhaps it was because of all the FUN I had this weekend. 

What made the weekend fun? I drove up to Ames for some girl time (a friend from afar came to see me for the third time in less than a month! And the other friend that was there I have seen 2 times in a week! Blessed am I!) before heading to D’s house. There I enjoyed lunch, made another French Silk Pie (#3 was the lightest and smoothest yet!), and waited nervously for Midnight Madness while I drank way too much water.

The race time was “cooler” than it had been during the day, but it was so humid and hot that it was not that noticeable for me. I was miserable. I found myself thinking several times (more often the farther I went) that I wasn’t really sure why I signed up for this and how I ever thought it was fun. I think, retrospectively, that I just needed a running buddy. All the folks in my little herd (and we passed each other a bit as we got spurts of energy or just too tired to go on) seemed to have a running buddy. Maybe they didn’t all have a buddy. I was SO tempted to start conversation with people “YOU CAN DO IT!” “YOU’RE DOING GREAT” like my podcast ‘friend’ Robert, but I was gasping for air enough without the additional talking.

Afterward I went home, ate aforementioned pie and chips for dinner (hmm…) and fell asleep fairly early. Then I headed back to I-town on Sunday for church and some lazy-day activity.

Highlights of the past week: going to a women’s seminar that ROCKED on Monday. Hearing the things kiddos say at school. Realizing that I have an immediate do-over for the start of school with my own students (always nice for fixing mistakes).

Here’s today’s top student comment from school:

Student: is your name Mrs. Ham?
me: no, It’s Miss Haman.
Student #2: Good-bye Mrs. Chicken.

I might have some trouble with those kiddos calling me Miss Chicken. Hope not.

As much as I crave sleeping in and normal summer days, I am kept rather amused by the things they say. 🙂

celebrity status

I have met 2/3 of the school population at my summer placement, which means I have reached a new level of celebrity in my small town. I know it’s temporary and it’s not merited (and any pride I feel with regards to their kind regard is kind of squelched by the increase in lack of privacy at Walmart…I used to need a little self-pep-talk to buy certain things from a stranger. Now I have to buy those things in front of who knows how many little eyes who know me!).

It’s a neat position because I’m not new to the district and the ways of the district and the curriculum, but I’m new to the school. I am having a lot of flashbacks to my first year (minus the part where I was a newbie in every single way, not just in the getting to know people way that I am now). Of course there are a couple uncommunicated differences (how buses work, for instance) that distinguish my teaching post from this subbing, but overall I feel pretty good.

And I keep remembering that I get to do it again in four weeks with my kids–which means “summer” isn’t “over” yet–I can still prepare. I know that as things get a little harrier with planning and teaching different concepts (the first day is pretty standard, Hi, here are the rules, let’s do a quick-to-learn song/game, see ya) I might be less motivated, but I’m still in dream-stage. What could I do in my teaching that could streamline planning and maximize learning time? Beautiful.

Tomorrow is midnight madness in Ames. I am running it again this year…yesterday’s run was a big fail. I went 2 miles (if that) and felt so ill at that point that I walked home. Part of my problem was probably the heat and lack of hydration, but I hope to not repeat that again tomorrow.

Better sign off and get to the rest of this beautiful Friday evening! So nice out!

first day of [teaching] school, version [3.0] 20.0

I am starting at our year round school for four weeks beginning tomorrow. Kids come on Thursday (and I’m just subbing till my year starts–no change in plans for the fall!). I celebrated my last hour of wakefulness in summer (well, the past hour) by reading the past school year’s blog entries. I should have read the first year’s…but that year had SO MUCH heaviness (though I didn’t realize it) that I didn’t feel like digging into all that.

Tomorrow is a workday (I think?) for me, though it looks like I have a scheduled meeting (probably for training) that is slated to last the whole day. Uh oh if that’s true because I hooped it up yesterday and today instead of figuring out my classroom and new building. We’ll make it work somehow, even if it means staying after open house tomorrow night to polish a few things.

I had the opportunity to take a run this morning (3.4 miles with a little walking halfway through), knit, read, enjoy coffee, see my wonderful dad (and have adventures in I-town), venture out to a bluegrass concert and even tidy up a bit. It was a smattering of all of my summer’s highlights in a day (well, Dad encompasses family, as K was a big highlight for the month of June!). It’s so weird that “summer” is over (though I’ve worked summers before) already, and yet I’m ready. Now I just want those school supplies to go on sale so I can use fresh markers and wander the aisles of storage solutions and clearanced dorm products looking for a classroom treasure.

But my steam for writing has run out. And my bed time has come (and probably passed, but I imagine I’ll not fall right asleep).


[This is the part where I write about knitting humorously.]

I just finished reading another book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It didn’t have me guffawing and tearing up as much as the first book she wrote (titled for her nickname, The Yarn Harlot), but it had a particularly amusing essay about a shawl that evoked belly laughs (which sounded even funnier because of my sprawled-out posture on the couch).

Part of me wishes that I could write about knitting in such a way that I win those precious laughs and tears from fellow knitters. Reality denies that possibility because my heart is invested in so many other things that I don’t knit enough to happen upon the amusing anecdotes with very much frequency. Which is a little bummer, but not a biggie. For now I can pick up some needles with some added gusto leftover from knitting encouragement.

For instance, did you know that in the heyday of knitting a professional knitter would knit 6 pairs of stockings in a week? Read: stockings. 23″ high, 11″ foot in many cases (stockings were not so short as socks). Tiny gauge. I’m not anywhere close to a sock a day, let alone a pair.

My last little note in this short post is a bit of gladness for having a library which contains books I’m interested in reading. For the most part, that is not true in my library, which has stinky policies about obtaining anything they don’t have (which is mostly everything in the categories that I enjoy reading), but today I found 3 knitting books, several music-teaching related children’s books, and the aforementioned knitting tales, a non-fiction book, and a novel (which I didn’t actually mean to check out but I lost the nerve to ask her to not check that one out, but to reshelve it instead). It’s like shopping, but it doesn’t cost. Hooray! Plus, one of the books I checked out has crafts for children’s songs, including THE BEST IDEA EVER for making Old MacDonald’s farm. You use a red greeting card envelope for the barn (the flap becomes the little roof) and then little paper animals can be stored inside the envelope. My next quest is to rustle up some red envelopes and die-cut animals so that my students can make and take. Or just use in the classroom.

(can you tell I visited my classroom for the next four weeks today? I’m kind of excited to get started).

Peace to you!