Daily Archives: July 5, 2012

[This is the part where I write about knitting humorously.]

I just finished reading another book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It didn’t have me guffawing and tearing up as much as the first book she wrote (titled for her nickname, The Yarn Harlot), but it had a particularly amusing essay about a shawl that evoked belly laughs (which sounded even funnier because of my sprawled-out posture on the couch).

Part of me wishes that I could write about knitting in such a way that I win those precious laughs and tears from fellow knitters. Reality denies that possibility because my heart is invested in so many other things that I don’t knit enough to happen upon the amusing anecdotes with very much frequency. Which is a little bummer, but not a biggie. For now I can pick up some needles with some added gusto leftover from knitting encouragement.

For instance, did you know that in the heyday of knitting a professional knitter would knit 6 pairs of stockings in a week? Read: stockings. 23″ high, 11″ foot in many cases (stockings were not so short as socks). Tiny gauge. I’m not anywhere close to a sock a day, let alone a pair.

My last little note in this short post is a bit of gladness for having a library which contains books I’m interested in reading. For the most part, that is not true in my library, which has stinky policies about obtaining anything they don’t have (which is mostly everything in the categories that I enjoy reading), but today I found 3 knitting books, several music-teaching related children’s books, and the aforementioned knitting tales, a non-fiction book, and a novel (which I didn’t actually mean to check out but I lost the nerve to ask her to not check that one out, but to reshelve it instead). It’s like shopping, but it doesn’t cost. Hooray! Plus, one of the books I checked out has crafts for children’s songs, including THE BEST IDEA EVER for making Old MacDonald’s farm. You use a red greeting card envelope for the barn (the flap becomes the little roof) and then little paper animals can be stored inside the envelope. My next quest is to rustle up some red envelopes and die-cut animals so that my students can make and take. Or just use in the classroom.

(can you tell I visited my classroom for the next four weeks today? I’m kind of excited to get started).

Peace to you!