first day of [teaching] school, version [3.0] 20.0

I am starting at our year round school for four weeks beginning tomorrow. Kids come on Thursday (and I’m just subbing till my year starts–no change in plans for the fall!). I celebrated my last hour of wakefulness in summer (well, the past hour) by reading the past school year’s blog entries. I should have read the first year’s…but that year had SO MUCH heaviness (though I didn’t realize it) that I didn’t feel like digging into all that.

Tomorrow is a workday (I think?) for me, though it looks like I have a scheduled meeting (probably for training) that is slated to last the whole day. Uh oh if that’s true because I hooped it up yesterday and today instead of figuring out my classroom and new building. We’ll make it work somehow, even if it means staying after open house tomorrow night to polish a few things.

I had the opportunity to take a run this morning (3.4 miles with a little walking halfway through), knit, read, enjoy coffee, see my wonderful dad (and have adventures in I-town), venture out to a bluegrass concert and even tidy up a bit. It was a smattering of all of my summer’s highlights in a day (well, Dad encompasses family, as K was a big highlight for the month of June!). It’s so weird that “summer” is over (though I’ve worked summers before) already, and yet I’m ready. Now I just want those school supplies to go on sale so I can use fresh markers and wander the aisles of storage solutions and clearanced dorm products looking for a classroom treasure.

But my steam for writing has run out. And my bed time has come (and probably passed, but I imagine I’ll not fall right asleep).


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